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June 1 - Dining for a Difference - Rickie Weeks charity event - LATEST: reviews

Rickie Weeks is hosting a fund raising event in Milwaukee on June 1.


Link for tickets


Page 1
Pose for photographs with Rickie Weeks;
Gift bag; Meet & mingle with Weeks and several
of his teammates; Auction items include:
First pitch ceremony at a Brewers home game
Autographed memorabilia
Evening Emcee: Brewers television analyst Dave Nelson
beneting the
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
of Southeastern Wisconsin
Purchase tickets online at JDRF.org/sewi
$150 per person
Proceeds will benet the JDRF of Southeastern Wisconsin
You're invited to join Fleming's and
Milwaukee Brewer Rickie Weeks
for a special
Charity Dinner and Auction
Dining for a Difference
$150 per person
Proceeds will benet the JDRF of Southeastern Wisconsin
Fleming's Salad
Seasonal greens, candied walnuts, dried cranberries,
tomatoes, croutons & lemon balsamic dressing
(choice of one)
Filet Mignon 10 oz.
New Zealand King Salmon Fillet
served with a Cabernet butter sauce
Double Breast of Chicken
baked in white wine, mushroom, shallot & thyme sauce
Vegetarian Option Available Upon Request
Sugar Snap Peas
with carrots and red onions, soy chili glaze
Mashed Potatoes
prepared with parmesan peppercorn compound butter
Sautéed Mushrooms
fresh button & portabella sautéed in butter with whole garlic
Blueberry sauce & shaved white chocolate
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the 620 morning show is also auctioning off a package that includes:


tickets to the 6/1 game

a limo ride to the event with rickie

tickets to the dinner


probably info on their website, but they were talking about it this morning.

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Yeah, I wouldn't mind going to this.


The Weeks' are good people. I know his dad sets up charities for inner city FLA kids in the offseason, and by all accounts Rickie is a classy dude.


And yes TLB, you're about the only guy on this board that I can probably say is a bigger fan than I.

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Spending $150 on a dinner seems a bit much for a commoner like me.

First of all, would you actually have gone to this, given your geographical limitations?

This brings me to my point ... maybe instead of trying to take a dump on the thread with saying that you deem the charity event as too expensive, you would have been better off leaving it alone. Really, what value did it add? It certainly did nothing to persuade people to give money for a great cause. I really think that's in poor taste, but honestly, you have a habit for doing this to threads, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


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I'd love to go, if I had money to burn. But, the price limits it to the very wealthy...fine of course, as that's who has the money to donate, and it keeps the riff raff like me out.

I'm not very wealthy, and I'd figure a $150 per plate for an ungodly fantastic meal (Fleming's is terrific), meet & greet with Rickie Weeks and other players and money going to charity would be a worthwhile expenditure... Figure you could even write part of it off. *shrug*. If I didn't already have long-standing plans, I would have signed up.


I guess I'm not sure why you chose to take a dump on the thread, still. What was the purpose?


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I'd love to go, if I had money to burn. But, the price limits it to the very wealthy...fine of course, as that's who has the money to donate, and it keeps the riff raff like me out.

I'm certainly not wealthy, but if I go to 2 or 3 less games this year it becomes affordable.

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Not sure what you mean. I commented it was too spendy for me.

In a very confusing, snarky way. Clearly the purpose of the thread is not to debate the merits of said charity event, but to inform the site membership. So no, it's not necessary to chime in with a complaint about how expensive it is.


And I think you vastly underestimate the spending capabilities and priorities of middle class folks. You think everyone who shells out for box seats is rich? Who's buying the $300 authentic jerseys? (Hint: not those super rich people.)


And charity events are usually priced higher than what you would normally pay. That's kind of the point.


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I wish that I would have found out about this sooner. It is great to see Rickie doing this.


I will agree with Dadofandrew that the cost is a bit to high for me, but my first reaction was if we can get 10 bf.netters to chip in $30 bucks a pop we could buy a pair of tickets and then raffle them off among those ten. If I would have known about this sooner I would have tried to see if there was interest in doing something like that. A $30 donation to a good cause with a 10% chance at getting to go to a fabulous event, for a fabulous cause.

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Not to mention, if they held it at Perkin's, I imagine the margin that went to charity probably wouldn't be all that great.

but they could maybe get more people to attend at less margin per person http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif
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I can afford Perkins easy. On a good day, TGIFriday's.


The vege option may well just be a salad or like product. The vegan option is different as well, probably, so I would guess they might just ask vegetarians, or those with special diets, what do you want? It can't be as spendy as the filet mignon.

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I've worked at a gourmet buffet/catering place that sounds incredibly similar to Fleming's (server, not chef). The veggie option will probably be something along the lines of a phyllo-dough puffed pastry with some form of veggie (maybe a casserole) inside. That's a fairly popular/common solution for the veggie option when it comes to 'high-class' catering. It'd still be served like an entree, so there'd be whatever side(s) that compliment the dish.


The way our kitchen would handle it would be to compile all the pre-orders, and make a few more veggie entrees than were ordered/requested, because there's always that picky person or people that change their mind the day of the damn event, bc suddenly 'I just don't feel like meat'. In fact, there's always a handful of people that change to another meat option, bc they think they're more special than everyone else... but I've digressed into a whole different can of worms. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

Stearns Brewing Co.: Sustainability from farm to plate
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If I was in town I would definitely go. As it stands, I will be attending the charity golf tournament for children with learning disabilities held by my family here in Las Vegas next weekend, and entrance is the same fee.


Charity events aren't meant to be cheap - they are called fund raisers for a reason. If you want cheap, go to McDonald's and get a burger and drop your change in the Ronald McDonald bucket if you are feeling charitable.

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Al, I'm sure your disposable income allows you to blow $150 on something of you wanted to. If you choose to not spend it on a charity event, no one is going to judge for that. But to suggest that giving $100 to a charity (you get $50 of value pretty easy out of what they offer) is over the top for a guy in your income bracket, sounds silly. I'll bet you've lost more than that several times in one night of bad luck online poker.
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