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4/21/06 Reds (Arroyo) @ Brewers (Sheets), 7:05 PM CST


Bronson Arroyo (2-0, 3.86 ERA)






Ben Sheets (0-1, 7.20 ERA)





Game Preview:

MLB.com Preview



TV: FSN North

Radio: 620 WTMJ



Reds Hitters Against Sheets:


Adam Dunn: .143 21AB 0HR 0RBI 6K

Tony Womak: .308 13AB 0HR 1RBI 1K

Jason LaRue: .182 11AB 1HR 1RBI 4K

Austion Kearns: .000 9AB 0HR 0RBI 6K

Javier Valentin: .333 6AB 1HR 2RBI 0K

Felipe Lopez: .167 6AB 0HR 0RBI 0K

Scott Hatteberg: .000 3AB 0HR 0RBI 0K

Ryan Freel: .667 3AB 0HR 0RBI 1K

Rich Aurilia: .000 2AB 0HR 0RBI 1K

David Ross: .000 2AB 0HR 0RBI 2K

Quinton McCracken: 1.000 1AB 0HR 0RBI 0K

Edwin Encarnacion: NEVER FACED SHEETS

Brandon Phillips: NEVER FACED SHEETS



Brewers Hitters Against Arroyo:


Corey Koskie: .167 12AB 1HR 1RBI 3K

Gabe Gross: .200 10AB 0HR 0RBI 1K

Damian Miller: .000 5AB 0HR 0RBI 0K

Carlos Lee: .500 4AB 0HR 1RBI 1K

Geoff Jenkins: .333 3AB 1HR 1RBI 0K

Jeff Cirillo: .000 1AB 0HR 0RBI 0K







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If Bill Hall is not in the lineup somewhere tonight, I will be very disappointed.


I'd be shocked if he is. I have him in Fantasy and am prepared to put him on my bench. I just don't think Weeks or Hardy need a day off and I do like Koskie in there against Righties.


I would not have a problem with Hall in CF, but Clark actually had some good at-bats yesterday. If Hall is in the lineup I would vote for it to look like this.










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Dear Pitching Staff,


Since past Monday we have scored a total of 34 runs in four games, that is an average of 8.5 runs a game. However, we are 1-3 in that time. It is our opinion that this should not be the case. When we average 8.5 runs a game we feel like we should be 4-0, and at least 3-1. We know our bats didn't come alive right away in the season, but we are trying to make up for it and we hope you will do the same. We only send this letter because we love the team and want everyone to succeed. Remember together we can achieve more. So let's get out there and battle.




The Brewers Offense


p.s. The next round is on us if Ben pitches a CG shutout tonight.

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If Bill Hall is not in the lineup somewhere tonight, I will be very disappointed.


Two lefty starters coming up for the Reds on Saturday and Sunday ... I think Hall will get plenty of ABs this series. Being just the 17th game of the season, I'm okay with sticking to the original plan regarding the Koskie/Hall situation. And too early to experiement with Hall in center, I think.

"We all know he is going to be a flaming pile of Suppan by that time." -fondybrewfan
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could someone tell me what time the parking lot opens tonight, i wanna say 3 hours before gametime, but i just want to make sure before i head out there.


General parking ($7) opens 3 hours before game time. Preferred parking ($12) opens 4 hours before game time. If you are a tailgater, the extra $5 for an extra hour of fun is well worth it, in my humble opinion.

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woah preferred opens 4 hours early every game? I thought it was only opening day... That opens up for a whole extra hour of tailgating....


Not to mention if you actually get there 4 hous early; you get one heckuva parking spot

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Ryan Freel wears out the Brewers. I thought he always did well against us, but I had no idea it was that well.


Especially against Sheeter. Well...here's to reversing some trends tonight.


Edit: Although I did see it was only 3 AB's. Oops.

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BILL HALL 2003-2006 vs. Reds:

( )= ranking for all of Hall's opponents.


AB: 125

H: 44 (1)

R: 25 (1)

2B: 13 (1)

3B: 3 (1)

HR: 8 (1)

RBI: 29 (1)

BB: 14 (1)

SB: 4 (2)

AVG: .352 (3) (4-9 vs. Sea; 3-6 vs. LAA)

OBP: .410 (3) (Sea, LAA)

SLG: .688 (3) (Sea, Tor)

OBP: 1.098 (3) (Sea, LAA)


Almost every stat is his best vs. NL teams, and only teams he's played against in 3 games (skewed stats) can better his averages.


This is why I always want Hall in the lineup vs. Cincy. I don't care if it's a lefty or not.

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It's just that Hardy, Clark, Weeks, and Hall are ALL righties. If given a choice for which of these four I'd want to bat against a righty from the Reds, Hall is my number one. Therefore, I just figure that the Crew can give him the start somewhere. Lee is the only righty on the entire team that I'd rather see batting against the Reds.
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Hall has historically done well against Reds pitching, but should that really include Bronson Arroyo? Arroyo just got to Cincinnati. Has Hall ever even faced him? I just don't buy that we should play Hall tonight solely because "He crushes the Reds."
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I just don't buy that we should play Hall tonight solely because "He crushes the Reds."


Baseball is a funny game. Some players just have it against some teams. Dave Williams was not a Red until this year. Paul Cofee and Eric Milton just joined the squad last year. We should play Hall because he's GOOD and there is an intangible in the air that just seejms to happen in baseball. Do I feel more confident in J.J. or Brady right now? No.

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