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User Driven Power 50 (August 2012)

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Ok, I know everyone has been anxious to take a crack at this after the draft and trades. And ramssuperbowl1999 has gotten things rolling, so lets see where Kh(rush)ris Davis ends up! ;)


1) Please list your players 1 to X (stop at 50 or 30 or 1 if you like) with no commentary in your list (comment in another post please). I plan on cut-n-paste into Excel to do this, so less work is appreciated!

2) Only submit one list. If you update please update your original list.

3) Please list one player per line.

4) Submissions will close in two weeks-ish. So around August 22nd or so.


Results will be pretty simple. First place vote gets 50 points, 2nd, 49, etc...


Last user P50 is here

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1. Thornburg

2. Segura

3. Nelson

4. Peralta

5. Gennett

6. Taylor

7. Jungmann

8. Hellweg

9. Pena

10. Roache

11. Coulter

12. Morris

13. Kh. Davis

14. Haniger

15. Schafer

16. Bradley

17. Gindl

18. Arcia

19. Burgos

20. Ozuna

21. Manzanillo

22. Gagnon

23. McFarland

24. Magnifico

25. Prince

26. Rivera

27. Ramirez

28. Scarpetta

29. Bucci

30. Quintana

31. Jose Pena

32. Reed

33. Garfield

34. Heckathorn

35. Fautino De Los Santos


Edit--- Can't believe I forgot about the 50 IP thing for Fiers. I guess that is what I get for copying and pasting of a list I had premade before CheezWizHed made this.

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1. Segura

2. Thornburg

3. Peralta

4. Nelson

5. Hellweg

6. Jungmann

7. Morris

8. Gennett

9. Coulter

10. Pena

11. Roache

12. Taylor

13. Khris Davis

14. Burgos

15. Bucci

16. C. Garfield

17. Gagnon

18. Haniger

19. McFarland

20. Schafer

21. Magnifico

22. De Los Santos

23. J. Bradley

24. Arcia

25. E. Rivera

26. Reed

27. Gindl

28. Ozuna

29. Prince

30. Scarpetta

31. Rogers

32. Manzanillo

33. Heckathorn

34. Walla

35. Lopez

36. Kentrail Davis

37. Ortega

38. Hall

39. Wagner

40. Williams

41. Walker

42. Arnett

43. Jesus Sanchez

44. Hand

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Kh. Davis













Also, is there any way to publish the final version of these under the Power 50 heading up top? Just thinking it would be good to update the monthly versions and keep them in one place.


EDIT: It is also interesting to note how Mike Fiers averaged ~17 for last month's P50 and is now arguably the best pitcher in the Big Leage rotation. What a jump for Teh Fiers.

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Also, is there any way to publish the final version of these under the Power 50 heading up top? Just thinking it would be good to update the monthly versions and keep them in one place.
If someone wanted write ups, they could steal mine as well for the Power 50 posting.


From my understanding, there are formatting issues between all of the host switches that kind of limit what may be possible, at least easily possible.


There are some back room discussions ongoing regarding a possible Link Reporter P50, so stay tuned.


Trust me, it is not out of laziness that the P50 has not been updated.

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Then again, this is your P50 [smile].


No, its a good point. A point, I almost made, but didn't have time to lookup the "threshold" we were using... I hope to never see either one in the minors again! ;)


And also, I wouldn't mind seeing you chime in Mass. It doesn't have to be "your P50".


I understand why you don't want explanations in the actual post but I wish people would add their explanations elsewhere. I personally enjoy opinions on why they chose who they chose.


Yes, please, by all means discuss/explain in this thread! I just ask for your "vote post" to be without comments. I have no problem sorting through 200 posts to pull out the 20 votes! I never explain that part well. :)

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Then again, this is your P50 :).


I think this has been explained elsewhere, so forgive my naivety. Will there ever be an "official" P50 again?


A couple of posts up.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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I'll put comments and methodology in another post.


1. Segura

2. Thornburg

3. Peralta

4. Hellweg

5. Roache

6. Pena

7. Taylor

8. Nelson

9. Coulter

10. Burgos

11. Morris

12. Jungmann

13. Schafer

14. Arcia

15. Mark Rogers

16. Gennett

17. Khris Davis

18. Gindl

19. Ozuna

20. Green

21. Haniger

22. Garfield

23. Bucci

24. Bradley

25. Rizzo

26. Jason Rogers

27. Kentrail Davis

28. Ortega

29. Gagnon

30. Mittelstaedt

31. Reed

32. Jose Pena

33. Henderson

34. Toledo

35. Sanchez

36. Marzec

37. Lopez

38. Stosh

39. Prince

40. Magnifco

41. McFarland

42. Kintzler

43. Walker

44. Moye

45. Manzanillo

46. Zarraga

47. McMahan

48. Strong

49. Ramirez

50. Walla


Players who were consideration but missed the list: Wooten, Roenicke, Sermo, Lasker, Rivera, Wall, Semmelhack, Goforth, Harvey, Garza, Giacalone, Barnes, Cravy, Peterson, Halton, Arnett, Stang, and Marzec.


edit. My legal pad was a mess, forgot to put both Rivera's (Yadiel & Edgardo) in the missed list.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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1. Jean Segura

2. Tyler Thornburg

3. Wily Peralta

4. Jimmy Nelson

5. Hunter Morris

6. Clint Coulter

7. Taylor Jungmann

8. Tyrone Taylor

9. Taylor Green

10. Scooter Gennett

11. John Hellweg

12. Khris Davis

13. Victor Roache

14. Ariel Pena

15. Jed Bradley

16. Mitch Haniger

17. Cam Garfield

18. Chris McFarland

19. Damien Magnifico

20. Logan Schafer

21. Mark Rogers

22. Caleb Gindl

23. Drew Gagnon

24. Jose Pena

25. Yadiel Rivera

26. Hiram Burgos

27. Kentrail Davis

28. Jeff Bianchi

29. Fautino De Los Santos

30. Josh Prince

31. Cody Scarpetta

32. Orlando Arcia

33. Michael Reed

34. Nick Bucci

35. Alan Williams

36. Jorge Lopez

37. Santo Manzanillo

38. Edgardo Rivera

39. Gian Rizzo

40. Zach Quintana

41. Eric Arnett

42. Kyle Heckathorn

43. Ruben Ozuna

44. Max Walla

45. Jose Sermo

46. Leonard Lorenzo

47.Adam Giacalone

48. Brian Garman

49. Sean Halton

50. Mike Walker


my apologies to TJ and Jason Rogers

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First I went through the rosters of every single Brewer affiliate and wrote down the players I liked from each team. Then I started with the players at the top and then worked my way down. There were guys in the teens, 20s, and 30s that I felt strongly about a certain placement so I also slotted those players right away and then worked around them. If players were closely bunched in my opinion then I stuck with my value formula of Starting Pitching>Position Players>Relief Pitchers. There are literally 10+ legit relief pitchers which could see Milwaukee in the next couple of seasons and made slotting much more difficult for me than it had been in the past.


1. Segura - Very nice athlete, has good tools at the plate, raw defender at SS, great speed

2. Thornburg - Love the arm, I'm becoming concerned with his command, much more so than I was in the past, which is why I dropped him a spot

3. Peralta - Still has that 2ish upside, hopefully the start of this AAA season was just a great learning experience

4. Hellweg - Walks too many but it's hard to deny the raw tools.

5. Roache - Purely an upside ranking, I'm hoping his power is for real

6. Ariel Pena - Again a high upside player with command issues, a familiar theme at the top of my list

7. Taylor - Supposedly toolsy but raw coming out of school, hasn't shown much raw and plenty of tools, I'm genuinely excited about him even though he got injured

8. Nelson - I wasn't around for the second half of last season so I wanted to see him dominate and he did at A+, just getting going in AA but hopefully will find his groove. Upside in that 2/3 range.

9. Coulter - Not sure he sticks at catcher but the bat is encouraging, especially the recent power surge

10. Burgos - Fixed his H/9 and just exploded, hopefully this is more than just an extreme hot streak. Doesn't have a high ceiling but has a high floor.

11. Morris - Finally hitting with the authority many of us were excited about on draft day, 2013 will be a huge year for him.

12. Jungmann - All of my pre and post draft concerns still remain. I'm not sold that he'll miss enough bats to be anything more than a 3, I'm interested to see if he's adjusted his mechanics at all.

13. Schafer - He has a major league future of some sort if he can stay healthy, he's another high floor player.

14. Arcia - Love the upside here, extremely disappointed in the injury.

15. Mark Rogers - My thoughts on him should be extremely well known... loved the pick, loved the arm, dislike the injuries and control issues

16. Gennett - Little dude that keeps hitting, surprised by his Southern League Best Defensive 2B nomination from BA even though the improvement from an error standpoint has been significant.

17. Khris Davis - All he does is hit, good defender, weak arm

18. Gindl - Caleb is one of the harder players for me to project, his struggles in AAA aren't uncommon for a player who has to repeat after a big year. Another high floor player.

19. Ozuna - Started slow in Helena but he's like 4th on the team now in OPS as a 20 year old. Has put up roughly the same OPS as he moved up each chain of rookie ball over the last 3 years, looking forward to what he does in full season ball.

20. Green - High floor player without a role for Milwaukee though I think he could be a serviceable utility guy if given the opportunity.

21. Haniger - Wasn't a huge fan of this pick on draft day, had a solid start to his career before getting hurt, probably ranked too low but he's a "prove me wrong" guy

22. Garfield - His performance with the bat is intriguing and he's still making slow and steady progress defensively

23. Bucci - I still think his upside is a 3, too bad he basically lost this season, hope he pitches in the AFL

24. Bradley - I don't think the Brewers really have any idea what's wrong with him, "dead arm" was just an excuse to shut him down for the season. We were getting the same velocity reports in May as we were in August. If his arm was dead all season... well my thoughts on the training staff are also well documented.

25. Rizzo - I wish I had any idea what he threw and how hard he throws but so far his career has been spectacular from a results standpoint

26. Jason Rogers - A very easy guy to root for, always seems to do something to help his team win, another high floor player.

27. Kentrail Davis - I have no idea what to make of Kentrail, I wasn't a huge fan of the pick and his body of work above A ball has left quite a bit to be desired.

28. Ortega - Same as Rizzo, would love an accurate scouting report but the results have been fantastic

29. Gagnon - I really liked his 2 seam and how he'd throw it up in the zone against RHB so it would come in on their hands. The downside is that's a very difficult pitch to locate on the outer half with so apparently he ditched it in favor of his 4 seam. His secondary stuff needs work but I liked what I saw when I watched him pitch. Even when he wasn't locating he somehow managed to keep runs off the board.

30. Mittelstaedt - Has some positional flexibility playing in various OF and IF spots, high floor guy who could maybe be a utility player.

31. Reed - Had nice stint in BC, hasn't been as stellar in Helena, high upside player

32. Jose Pena - Love what he's doing with the bat as an 19 year old in AZ, actually pleasantly surprised by his production given his DSL career.

33. Henderson - Already in Milwaukee, hopefully to stay

34. Toledo - I really liked him when I saw him, worked low 90s, nice control

35. Sanchez - Reports of a mid 90s heater for this converted catcher, could be a find on the same level as Axford, kudos to Melvin and the scouting staff for the signing.

36. Marzec - Lots to like here as a potential big league reliever as well

37. Lopez - I really liked this pick on draft day but his performance thus far has been a stinker of Seth Lintz proportions, bumped down to the DSL as a 19 year old and has pitched worse (small sample alert). Not. Good. At. All. He still has plenty of time and will get every opportunity to turn it around.

38. Stosh - Mehring just loves this guy, actually everyone just loves this guy. Great name, decent stuff, promising relief prospect.

39. Prince - Hitting better than he has in years, high floor player

40. Magnifco - Hard to get a read on him, how many hitters in Helena can catch up with that kind of fastball?

41. McFarland - Performing very well in Helena, he's probably 25 spots too low from a talent perspective, has the potential to rise very fast. I'd like to see him hitting for a bit more power given he's a pretty solid 6' 190lbs.

42. Kintzler - Hopefully can get back to Milwaukee and have a role in the bullpen

43. Walker - Another high floor player who may have a role as a LH bench player down the road

44. Moye - Doesn't have eye popping stuff and has struggled with the bump to A+

45. Manzanillo - Some may recall how concerned I was with a shoulder injury, I would have felt better had he broken a couple of legs and an arm instead of dislocating his shoulder in that accident. I'm not convinced he'll ever return to be the same pitcher with so much promise as a reliever going into last off season. Shoulder problems can be career ending, here's hoping he returns in 2013 and with velocity and location.

46. Zarraga - I would have thought he played his way out of BC as a 21 year old 2 years ago, hopefully he's done that now and gets a shot at AA. This is a sentimental placement, though he does have decent tools at the plate.

47. McMahan - another high floor player like Mittelstaedt, Walker, and Rogers.

48. Strong - I picked him over Barnes, Harvey, and Peterson not so much on stuff but on pure results and I do like his name.

49. Ramirez - I was hoping for more pop in his bat, a .750ish OPS as a 22 year old in A ball isn't very good, but he came up with some big hits for the T-Rats all season long.

50. Walla - barely hanging on my list. In his 4th year in the system he reduced his strike out rate to 26% and has made tremendous strides with his BB rate as well, but he's just not hitting enough putting up a sub .700 OPS on the season. Prospect wise 2013 will be make or break for him, he's just never approached the power numbers we expected given the raw power he supposedly had in his bat.


edit. Crap I missed Scarpetta, I would have placed him between Gagnon and Mittelstaedt, bumping Walla off the list.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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1. Jean Segura

2. Tyler Thornburg

3. Wily Peralta

4. Hunter Morris

5. Hiram Burgos

6. Johnny Hellweg

7. Ariel Pena

8. Mark Rogers

9. Scooter Gennett

10. Khris Davis

11. Taylor Jungmann

12. Clint Coulter

13. Jed Bradley

14. Logan Schafer

15. Victor Roache

16. Jimmy Nelson

17. Cameron Garfield

18. Orlando Arcia

19. Mitch Haniger

20. Tyrone Taylor

21. Drew Gagnon

22. Cody Scarpetta

23. Kentrail Davis

24. Jose Pena

25. Jim Henderson

26. Chris McFarland

27. Caleb Gindl

28. Yadiel Rivera

29. Josh Prince

30. Nick Bucci

31. Fautino De Los Santos

32. Damien Magnifico

33. Edgardo Rivera

34. Santo Manzanillo

35. Michael Reed

36. Ruben Ozuna

37. Gian Rizzo

38. Jorge Ortega

39. Ben McMahan

40. Kyle Heckathorn

41. Stosh Wawrzasek

42. Jason Rogers

43. Tommy Toledo

44. Robert Wooten

45. Eric Arnett

46. TJ Mittelstaedt

47. Eduard Reyes

48. Juan Santiago

49. Casey Medlen

50. Max Walla

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1 Jean Segura

2 Jimmy Nelson

3 Tyler Thornburg

4 Wily Peralta

5 Mark Rogers

6 Taylor Green

7 Johnny Hellweg

8 Taylor Jungmann

9 Ariel Pena

10 Hiram Burgos

11 Clint Coulter

12 Hunter Morris

13 Logan Schafer

14 Victor Roache

15 Khris Davis

16 Scooter Gennett

17 Drew Gagnon

18 Ruben Ozuna

19 Orlando Arcia

20 Nick Bucci

21 Jed Bradley

22 Chris McFarland

23 Andy Moye

24 Mitch Haniger

25 Tyrone Taylor

26 Caleb Gindl

27 Brooks Hall

28 Kyle Heckathorn

29 Yadiel Rivera

30 Cameron Garfield

31 Tommy Toledo

32 Damien Magnifico

33 Michael Reed

34 Zach Quintana

35 Leonard Lorenzo

36 Jorge Lopez

37 Dan Meadows

38 Eduard Reyes

39 Edgardo Rivera

40 David Goforth

41 Gian Rizzo

42 Cody Scarpetta

43 Santo Manzanillo

44 Nick Ramirez

45 Kentrail Davis

46 Jose Pena

47 Tyler Wagner

48 Angel Ortega

49 Matt Miller

50 Max Walla

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1. Jean Segura

2. Tyler Thornburg

3. Mark Rogers

4. Clint Coulter

5. Hunter Morris

6. Johnny Helwig

7. Jimmy Nelson

8. Tyrone Taylor

9. Orlando Arcia

10. Victor Roache

11. Wily Peralta

12. Khris Davis

13. Taylor Jungmann

14. Ariel Pena

15. Damien Magnifico

16. Jorge Lopez

17. Mitch Haniger

18. Scooter Gennett

19. Drew Gagnon

20. Jim Henderson

21. Hiram Burgos

22. David Goforth

23. Jose Pena

24. Logan Schaefer

25. Taylor Green

26. Fautino De Los Santos

27. Jed Bradley

28. Santo Manzanillo

29. Tommy Toledo

30. Jesus Sanchez

31. Chris McFarland

32. Cameron Garfield

33. Alan Williams

34. Yadiel Rivera

35. Juan Perez

36. Josh Stinson

37. Tyler Wagner

38. Josh Prince

39. Michael Reed

40. Zach Quintana

41. Eric Arnett

42. Adam Giacolone

43. Kentrail Davis

44. Jeff Bianchi

45. Nic Bucci

46. Brooks Hall

47. Caleb Gindl

48. Kyle Heckathorn

49. Angel Ortega

50. Cody Scarpetta

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1. Jean Segura

2. Tyler Thornburg

3. Wily Peralta

4. Jimmy Nelson

5. John Hellweg

6. Taylor Jungmann

7. Hunter Morris

8. Clint Coulter

9. Taylor Green

10. Mark Rogers

11. Khris Davis

12. Victor Roache

13. Jed Bradley

14. Logan Schafer

15. Tyrone Taylor

16. Orlando Arcia

17. Ariel Pena

18. Scooter Gennett

19. Hiram Burgos

20. Chris McFarland

21. Mitch Haniger

22. Cam Garfiled

23. Caleb Gindl

24. Drew Gagon

25. Nic Bucci

26. Santo Manzanillo

27. Damien Magnifico

28. Jacob Barnes

29. Alan Williams

30. Kentrail Davis

31. Max Walla

32. Ruben Ozuna

33. Zach Quintana

34. Jose Pena

35. Gian Rizzo

36. Yadiel Rivera

37. Michael Reed

38. Jorge Lopez

39. Michael Schaub

40. Brock Kjeldgaard

41. Edgardo Rivera

42. Stosh Wawrzasek

43. Tommy Teldo

44. Josh Prince

45. Chadwin Stang

46. Eric Arnett

47. Adam Giacalone

48. Brooks Hall

49. David Goforth

50. Jesus Sanchez

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Jean Segura

Mark Rogers

Johnny Hellweg

Tyler Thornburg

Wily Peralta

Ariel Pena

Jimmy Nelson

Victor Roache

Cody Scarpetta

Clint Coulter

Orlando Arcia

Tyrone Taylor

Hunter Morris

Taylor Jungmann

Mitch Haniger

Gian Rizzo

Juan Santiago

Scooter Gennett

Chris McFarland

Eduard Reyes

Fautino De Los Santos

Michael Reed

Khris Davis

Yadiel Rivera

Logan Schafer

Jorge Ortega

Caleb Gindl

Milton Gomez

Hiram Burgos

Jose Pena

Edgardo Rivera

Nick Bucci

Jason Rogers

Jorge Lopez

Zach Quintana

Cameron Garfield

Drew Gagnon

Damien Magnifico

Jose Sermo

Alan Williams

Carlos Sosa

Brandon Macias

Tyler Wagner

Jed Bradley

Kentrail Davis

Jim Henderson

David Goforth

Santo Manzanillo

Seth Harvey

T.J. Mittelstaedt

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1. Jean Segura

2. Wily Peralta

3. Tyler Thornburg

4. John Hellweg

5. Jimmy Nelson

6. Hunter Morris

7. Hiram Burgos

8. Ariel Pena

9. Scooter Gennett

10. Taylor Jungmann

11. Tyrone Taylor

12. Victor Roache

13. Clint Coulter

14. Khris Davis

15. Drew Gagnon

16. Chris McFarland

17. Nick Bucci

18. Yadiel Rivera

19. Orlando Arcia

20. Logan Schafer

21. Adam Giacalone

22. Cameron Garfield

23. Mitch Haniger

24. Damien Magnifico

25. Edgardo Rivera

26. Gian Rizzo

27. Taylor Green

28. Jesus Sanchez

29. TJ Mittelstaedt

30. Jorge Ortega

31. Michael Reed

32. Caleb Gindl

33. Michael Strong

34. Seth Harvey

35. Casey Medlen

36. Jacob Barnes

37. Kentrail Davis

38. Eduard Reyes

39. Alan Williams

40. Taylor Wall

41. Austin Blaski

42. Sean Halton

43. Jed Bradley

44. Carlos Sosa

45. Alfredo Rodriguez

46. Jose Pena

47. Carlos Belonis

48. Tommy Toledo

49. Elvis Rubio

50. Juan Ortiz


I kept Mark Rogers and Jim Henderson off of my list because of age and they've sort of "graduated" in my mind being on the major league roster, but you could make a case they should have been included.

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1 Segura

2 Thornburg

3 Peralta

4 Nelson

5 Hellweg

6 Peña, A.

7 Morris

8 Gennett

9 Jungmann

10 Roache

11 Coulter

12 Haniger

13 Bradley

14 Schafer

15 Taylor

16 Rogers, M.

17 McFarland

18 Arcia

19 Lopez

20 Burgos

21 Kh Davis

22 Garfield

23 Gindl

24 Ke Davis

25 Rivera, Y.

26 Rizzo

27 Gagnon

28 Manzanillo

29 Mittelstaedt

30 Ozuna

31 Magnifico

32 Heckathorn

33 Walla

34 Quintana

35 Peña, J.

36 Ortega

37 Rivera, E.

38 Reed

39 Ramirez

40 Prince

41 Arnett

42 McMahan

43 Stang

44 Zarraga

45 Wagner

46 Hall

47 Sanchez

48 Marzec

49 Walker

50 Lorenzo

(51 Rogers, J.)

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[sarcasm]I did a lot of thinking about Brewers prospects on my long weekend up North[/sarcasm], so without further adieu...


Jean Segura

Wily Peralta

Tyler Thornburg

Jimmy Nelson

Taylor Jungmann

Hunter Morris

Victor Roache

Scooter Gennett

Clint Coulter

Orlando Arcia

Tyrone Taylor

Mark Rogers

Ariel Pena

Johnny Hellweg

Jorge Lopez

Khris Davis

Mitch Haniger

Jose Pena

Nick Bucci

Hiram Burgos

Drew Gagnon

Damien Magnifico

Caleb Gindl

Logan Schafer

Chris McFarland

Gian Rizzo

Taylor Green

Cam Garfield

Yadiel Rivera

Carlos Belonis

Elvis Rubio

Eric Arnett

Jed Bradley

Zachary Quintana

Jason Rogers

Chadwin Stang

Michael Reed

Ruben Ozuna

T.J. Mittelstaedt

Nick Ramirez

Mike Walker

Tyler Wagner

Edgardo Rivera

Santo Manzanillo

Seth Harvey

Alan Williams

Cody Scarpetta

Josh Prince

Adam Giacalone

Andy Moye


The next group. There is top-50 upside in that group.


Brooks Hall

Kentrail Davis

Maxwell Walla

Raul Mondesi Jr.

Sthervin Matos

Sean Halton

Joel Dicent

Milton Gomez

Angel Ortega

Juan Ortiz

Francisco Castillo

Kyle Heckathorn

Matt Miller

Ben McMahan

Malcom Dowell

Dustin Houle

Joel Pierce

Renaldo Jenkins

Yunior Santana

Danny Keller

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1. Jean Segura - The more I see, the more I like him. Reminds me of a pre-injuries Furcal with a touch less usable speed and arm.

2. Wily Peralta - Has the best power repertoire in the system.

3. Tyler Thornburg - Was #1 on my last list. I can dig why people see a RP, but I still see a #3 with the improved control.

4. Jimmy Nelson - The breakout star of 2012. A half click behind Peralta's power stuff.

5. Taylor Jungmann - Steady as she goes. That makes it four straight pitchers with #3 or better upside in my book.

6. Hunter Morris - The Southern League MVP improved every single weakness he needed to. More patience, more power and better defense have led to his rise.

7. Victor Roache - Easily the highest offensive ceiling in the system.

8. Scooter Gennett - More pop and defense than many thought pre-season. He is a starting caliber 2B.

9. Clint Coulter - Fantastic offensive debut. He swings at strikes and is learning to drive them.

10. Orlando Arcia - Such a shame he lost this season. Will he become a power threat like his brother Oswaldo, or is he more Segura-ish.

11. Tyrone Taylor - I think this guy has captured all of our imaginations with his impressive debut.

12. Mark Rogers - Now that the stuff is back, he has flown up my list.

13. Ariel Pena - Stuff is very similar to Rogers. So is the control.

14. Johnny Hellweg - Primed for a Jimmy Nelson-like breakout next season. You will be able to tell when he starts striking everyone out.

15. Jorge Lopez - You know, Jake Odorizzi did not start out gangbusters either. His upside and projectability should be unquestioned.

16. Khris Davis - "Krush" has major league bat speed and ridiculous numbers. I feel confident about his major league translation.

17. Mitch Haniger - Bruce Seid gushed when talking about him. I can see why. Power, patience, speed and a gun gives him four potentially average or better tools. How his contact tool develops will tell the story.

18. Jose Pena - The most devastating Rookie Ball hitter this side of Tyrone Taylor. He finally has made the jump the Brewers were hoping for.

19. Nick Bucci - We know the Brewers love him and he has earned that love with his performance. Double-A awaits the Baby-Faced Assassin.

20. Hiram Burgos - Super helium guy who will likely produce Fiers-esque surprise when he finds success in the bigs. Brewers fans know better.

21. Drew Gagnon - Goal for the off-season; develop one more average or better pitch. The FB is above average and he has an idea out there.

22. Damien Magnifico - Could easily be a top-10 guy at this time next year, especially if he starts. FB sits in the high-90's and he has very little wear and tear on the arm.

23. Caleb Gindl - This is the first time Caleb has struggled as a baseball player. I still see a guy who could be the strong half of a successful platoon. Do not count him out.

24. Logan Schafer - Schafer's power is better, but he is sacrificing contact. 4th OF for me, but a good one.

25. Chris McFarland - McFarland has a dynamic bat at a premium position. I was disappointed I could not slot him higher because I love him. It is just a deep system right now.

26. Gian Rizzo - Numbers to die for. Paging Bed Badler for a scouting report.

27. Taylor Green - I am pretty disappointed in Green. He looks like a bottom 1/3 starter at 3B at best, but is more of a bench bat.

28. Cam Garfield - .900 OPS catchers are exciting.

29. Yadiel Rivera - Tremendous D. Everything else is way behind and he has been around longer than you think.

30. Carlos Belonis - 17 year old is playing very well in the DSL. Hopefully he taps into his power.

31. Elvis Rubio - He has cooled a bit, but this 17 year old was having an Arcia-like season. Takes his walks.

32. Eric Arnett - Really nice bounce back season. I sniff some starts from Eric next season.

33. Jed Bradley - This has nothing to do with his previous abilities. It is all about his current stuff. Get well, Jed.

34. Zachary Quintana - Should not be embarrassed by his debut and there is a lot to like. Will be a key cog at Helena next season.

35. Jason Rogers - Incredible season. I am still not sure what to make of him.

36. Chadwin Stang - He is a young 23 and he is dynamic. Has a chance to stick in CF.

37. Michael Reed - He dropped a bit for me. He had a chance to really take the Pioneer league by storm, but it just seems like he kind of coasted. Hopefully the injury is not serious because he could be a big riser.

38. Ruben Ozuna - Did not take the jump I had hoped, but there is some lighting in the bat.

39. T.J. Mittelstaedt - He does it all and he does it decent enough. A steal in the 44th round.

40. Nick Ramirez - Does not seem to get it. Power is awesome but he needs to stop making so many outs.

41. Mike Walker - Really made some adjustments as the season wore on. If you do not count [sarcasm]Clint Coulter[/sarcasm] or Taylor Green, he is the cream of the Milwaukee 3B prospect crop.

42. Tyler Wagner - Similar to Magnifico except he throws his FB 8 MPH slower. Amazingly, that still means he has mid-90's heat. Could be a big riser with a solid off-season.

43. Edgardo Rivera - This could be very conservative as Rivera could be a gem. Rumors that a team was trying to hide him before the draft is fun, but if that team was the Brewers, I can certainly see why.

44. Santo Manzanillo - Lost season for this reliever. Still the highest rated RP for me.

45. Seth Harvey - Terrific numbers and impressive velo.

46. Alan Williams - Power lefty who, if healthy for 2013, could be in the majors fast.

47. Cody Scarpetta - Kind of an unknown right now. If healthy and with his stuff back, he probably profiles as the best RP in the system.

48. Josh Prince - The upside is not there, but he appears poised for the Nashville CF job and lead off spot in 2013.

49. Adam Giacalone - Lots of singles. Driving the ball is his main goal for next year at WI.

50. Andy Moye - A Mass Haas fav, he was fantastic at WI before falling apart in BC.


Brooks Hall - Huge fall. Could he go Burgos next season?

Kentrail Davis - Unimpressive.

Maxwell Walla - One step per year guy. Too bad he still needs to take 3-4 more steps.

Raul Mondesi Jr. - Big arm and power, very little feel.

Sthervin Matos - Lost season. Heard he is in the States rehabbing.

Sean Halton - The Brewers simply do not see it with him. Morris is coming for his spot next season.

Joel Dicent - Stateside now and super young. He has time.

Milton Gomez - A small step back at 18, but he is off an injury.

Angel Ortega - Very similar to Yaddy Rivera's first season.

Juan Ortiz - One of the better DSL hitters at 17.

Francisco Castillo - The star of the DSL team, he has very little power, but tons of speed.

Kyle Heckathorn - Move to relief is disappointing.

Matt Miller - Big time sleeper for a Nelson-like jump.

Ben McMahan - Impressive season. On the Jason Rogers path.

Malcom Dowell - Super raw, but he really has made a jump this year.

Dustin Houle - Super raw and young, they need to take their time with him.

Joel Pierce - Super raw and young but he was not good.

Renaldo Jenkins - Decent season in limited time.

Yunior Santana - Big power. Little contact.

Danny Keller - Huge disappointment.

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