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8/17/05 - Brewers (Capuano) @ Rockies (Wright!!) - 8:05 CST


Chris Capuano, LHP (12-8, 3.77)



Jamey Wright, RHP (6-13, 5.85)



MLB.com Previews

Scouting Report:

After a streak of seven straight victorious decisions, Capuano has hit a rough spot in August. In two starts, the left-hander has gone only 9 1/3 innings, allowing seven earned runs (6.75 ERA) and eight walks on 14 hits, leading to a pair of losses.


The last time Jamey Wright faced the Brewers, who he played for from 2000-2002, it was his shortest outing of the season. Wright lasted only three innings, giving up eight runs on eight hits. He is 2-3 lifetime against Milwaukee with a 6.67 ERA, and has lost five of his last six decisions.


Great matchup tonight. We're facing Wright again and he is absolutely terrible. Whenever I see him going against us I know we're going to have a big offensive night.

Cappy has to start going deeper into games. We need atleast 6 out of him tonight. If he's solid, this is a victory. Whoo Hooo! Jamey Wright!


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Look, the guy as 6 wins so he has pulled it out at some point. Too many here look at ERA and go "yup, he's a patsie." This is despite the fact that a large number of high ERA guys have looked like Cy Young against us.


Just hope we hit.

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Apparently no one has consulted today's edition of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about tonight's game.


What: Brewers vs. Rockies (45-75)

When: 8 Tonight

Where: Miller Park


Once again no clue about baseball in this newspaper.


I recently spoke to an elderly journalist about the sad state of the local "newspaper". He notices factual errors in sports articles just about each week. When he calls the editor, he is told that he is probably the only one who noticed this and that they have no interest in correcting it as they have moved on.


His conclusion is that the Journal Sentinel is in business to sell advertising to help promote their political viewpoints. Accuracy be dammed. Sports except for Green bay coverage (curoius: Green Bay coverage for a Milwaukee paper) is more of an irriitation as most of their readers get sports off of the internet.


Even the morning show at WISN radio is catching this. Today I listened as the guy read the following:

"The Brewers beat the Rockies last night 6-4 in Colorado. Wes Helms homered and Victor Santos picked up his 4th victory of the season. The two teams play tonight at Miller Park."


Just incredible


I turned it off immediately.

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I too have found a number of mistakes and typos in the sports sections of the Journal Sentinal.


Milwaukee (AP) -- The two best players in the MLB, Chad Moeller and Chris Magruder, have somehow fused their DNA together to create some form of superior being in an ultimate plan to dominate the game of baseball. Magruder, a switch-hitting stud out of the University of Washington, said to reporters Friday, "We didn't mean to cause any trouble."


But trouble they caused. The two players, now one, are being charged with terrible baseball playing and illegal DNA combination, and could face a maximum of 136 years in prison.


Moeller, who can no longer speak but whose legs are used for the baserunning in the Bonds-like ballplayer, denied comment.


Click to enlarge


Photo/Benny Sieu


A jubilant Brady Clark is greeted by Chad Magruder and Lyle Overbay after he scores the winning run against the Cubs.

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We should not lose tonight, however with the Brew if there is a will, there is a way. With that said if I remember correctly Jamie's best pitch was his curve ball which in essence is nuetralized by the lovely Rocky Mountain Freshness. It's exactly the reason Ben didn't have much of a game. He's also leading the majors in losses if I remember correctly. Brew should win, if not we suck again!


"Well that game was a big bowl of crap." - Brian

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God I hate playing in Colorado... I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a Rockies fan... knowing your team is never going to have an allstar pitcher and knowing your teams ERA is always going to be near the worst in the league
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Didn't Wright nail Carlos Lee with a pitch in spring training? Carlos was on fire at the time, and I think it set him back for a couple of days.


I'm reminded of the time that Jamey outdueled Greg Maddux when he was still with Atlanta. I think it was a two hitter.


Hopefully Cappy can put it together tonight. We'll need some momentum going into Houston.


go brewers

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Problem is we seem to make terrible pitchers look like all stars


Opposing starter-wise, we appear to have two potential factors at work:

(1) "terrible pitcher has a career night vs. Milwaukee"


(2) "but it's Jamey Wright"


In the bizarro world that is Coors Field, only time will tell which factor wins out.


And yes, it was Jamey Wright who hit Carlos with a pitch in the spring.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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I'm reminded of the time that Jamey outdueled Greg Maddux when he was still with Atlanta. I think it was a two hitter.



The only time I remember him throwing a two hitter was against the Expos in 2001. It was also the 2nd game of Jenks "5 HRs in a weekend" tear.

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I hope I am not just perpetuating a false rumor but I just heard through the grapevine that another BIG name player is going down in the streroid crackdown. I wont name names but he is the most famous pitcher in the Houston/Milwaukee series. Once again, this is from a very shaky source who claims to have a solid source. Just throwing it out there. I apoligize if I am just biting on a stupid rumor, but it in fact is making its way around the rumor circuit.
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