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Balfour DFA'd, Traded to Tampa for RHP Seth McClung


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The move gives the Brewers 10 days to trade Balfour, release him or have him accept a minor league assignment but it won't take nearly that long for something to happen. General manager Doug Melvin said he had a trade in the works involving Balfour that could be completed before the night is over.


Balfour involved in a trade? This HAS to involve another player in addition to Balfour because I highly doubt the Brewers will settle with just a low level "prospect" at this point.


"We're in a pennant race and everything counts," said Melvin. "He understood that."


You all think that this could be the tip of the iceberg?

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After seeing Balfour's three performances, I'm sure the Nationals are giving us Cordero straight up for him.


Doubt it. I'm guessing Krivsky is in on this. He's pretty stupid I'm guessing Brandon Phillips for Balfour.

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Just heard on WSSP that according to Adam McCalvy, though he did not actually talk on the air, the trade is probably going to be for a minor league player. No names were mentioned.
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I have a friend that just started working for an AL central club that says Ball-four may be headed to his team. I don't want to reveal anymore until I speak with him again to make sure it is ok that I share his words. More to come (possibly)...
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So before Balfour was called up there were numerous prominent posters that thought Balfour was as good as any reliever we could aquire. Has his status really changed that much after 3 games? There are alot of teams desperate for relief help right now. It won't be an organizational soldier, it will be someone with a chance to make it. Balfour absolutly rocked AAA., throws up to 94.


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