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Who do you cheer for?


In honor of the dislike thread....


Lets try to make it more friendly this time guys.


1. Ken Griffey Jr. (just been my favorite player since i was a kid)

2. Grady Sizemore (plays his heart out and my be the best defensive CF in the game)

3. Matt Holliday (no real explanation, but I just find myself cheering for him)

4. Chone Figgins (fun player to watch)

5. Cole Hamels (one of the nastiest pitchers i've ever seen)

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Jeff Cirillo (On my all time favorite player list)


Richie Sexson (I always liked him)

Julio Franco (He's only 3 years younger than my Dad)

Doug Jones (Pitched for the '82 Brewers and the '98 Brewers. Come on.)


I know Franco got cut and Jones is long gone from baseball, but I'd still cheer them if I saw them at Target or something.

20Fry : April 2006 - March 2012
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1) Eckstein

2) Biggio

3) Rolen

4) Ichiro

5) David Wright


wildcard) Lincecum - not only is he going to be a great pitcher, but I think he covers first base on a ball hit to the right side, faster than any pitcher I have ever seen

User in-game thread post in 1st inning of 3rd game of the 2022 season: "This team stinks"

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I will always cheer for:


1. John Smoltz

2. Chipper Jones

3. Craig Biggio

4. Orlando Cabrera

5. Tom Glavine

6. Greg Maddux

7. Pedro Martinez

8. Kevin Millar

9. Mark Bellhorn

10. Trot Nixon

11. Dave Roberts


Honorable mention to Josh Hamilton -- I'm from NC and this year has been what so many people have been waiting for. My little brother caught some BP for him last year and he was very nice to him.

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Eric Byrnes (hustle / attitude)

Alex Rios (speed & power combo)

Freddy Sanchez (no real tools... uses the whole field... tough out... gets the most out of his abilities)

Eric Hinske (high school & Legion opponent)

Roy Oswalt (had to have one pitcher in there)

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1) Griffey Jr. - Loved him since I was young.

2) Aaron Rowand - How can you not love the effort on the play in center last year?

3) Justin Verlander - Despite the Yosted lineup that night, earned my respect with WICKED stuff.

4. Vlad Guerrero - My favorite player to watch in the entire game of baseball.

5. David Ortiz - He swings a big stick, AND he's a die hard Packer fan.

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Julio is still with the Braves.




Last I saw he got DFA'ed by the Mets a few weeks ago. But I see he played the other day for ATL, very cool.


I liked him way back when & I remember thinking he was an "old guy" when we picked him up back in '97, to think he's still playing 10 years later is amazing.

20Fry : April 2006 - March 2012
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Jack Cust - I think I actually drove the bandwagon a couple years ago. It was a lonely road.

Nick Swisher

Kevin Youkilis

Alex Rodriguez

Adam Dunn

Russell Branyan

Kelvim Escobar

Troy Tulowitzki

Travis Hafner

Todd Helton

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