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5/22/07 Brewers (Sheets) @ Dodgers (Wolf): 9:10 PM CDT



















































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Please Just win 3 Games in a Row!!!

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first post?


Interesting matchup tomorrow between Houston and San Fran.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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Wolf is going to get a large serving of Menchies tomorrow.


Hopefully Sheets will have his good stuff and we can get a W. Every time we play in LA I have flashbacks of the words vestibular neuritis. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/frown.gif

"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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Does Ned play the splits, Start Miller and rest Hall? The line up Larussa and I wrote on a beer coaster last night:


2B Weeks


SS Hardy

1B Prince

LF Jenks

RF Hart

C Miller

3B Graffy

P Sheets


Speculative I know. Jenks has earned a start aginst lefties, and I want to see how Gwynn handles them as a starter. That and Mench has earned nothing. Hall was left out on splits only, but if he plays center, I'd drop him to 6th.


My first lineup ever. Lets see how wrong I am.

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I wouldnt start Miller over Estrada. Estrada is 6-10 against Wolf also. I would go with this lineup.


2B Rickie Weeks

SS J.J. Hardy

1B Prince Fielder

CF Bill Hall

C Johnny Estrada

RF Corey Hart

LF Kevin Mench

3B Craig Counsell

P Ben Sheets

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I hope Yost wouldn't bench Hall based on the results of 13 AB. Hall typically crushes lefties, so I expect to see him back in the 4th spot tonight.


Gwynn's line over his last 19 AB, including 4 starts:


.210 / .210 / .263 / .473


Gwynn is no longer "hot", so I would hope Yost doesn't throw him out there against a lefty.


As much hate as Mench gets around here, he's fine when used correctly (lefties only!). He hasn't been that bad against lefties this year and has a .969 OPS against them from 04' - 06'. Yost just ran his numbers into the ground by playing him against RHP.


In that same vein, I wouldn't advocate starting Jenkins against LHP and making the same mistake with him. I have to guess Hart is healthy now (I haven't read any news about his wrist lately, at least), so I'd give him the start.


Since Estrada is married to the 5th spot:











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Ruz, that's my point extactly. Don't bench HAll because of his last 13 at bats. It's ashamed however that it does not apply to everyone on the team. For instance, Corey. Back on a road trip at Chi and Houston Corey was 3 for 12, but hit 4 balls straight into the wind to the ivey. No wind possible 4 homeruns. In Houston hits one on the mound in center field, Lineshot to short and a one hop seed to the short stop. He could have easily been 8 for 12 or even 9 for 12 on that road trip alone.


Then TGJ never gets of the bench. I know I'm Corey fan, but he was one of the one's I watched progress in the minors. And you have to remember, constant postion changes, he never complained, he just tried to do his job to the best of his ability. And through it all it never affected his hitting.


Five team MVP's and one league MVP.


I realize that he was an 11th round pick and all the other home grown talent are 1st through 4th round picks, but corey was one that just happen to slip through the cracks on Draft day. I believe that out of the 2000 draft he might be the only one left. He has had to work harder for everything he has accomplished than the rest have had to, but as you stated (you hope 13 AB's doesn't get him benched). Corey doesn't have that luxury one bad game and he is back on the bench.

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Let me preempt Bucksman4's post and say that "Sheets needs to win this in order to prove that he's an ace." Anything less then a complete game shutout and we should trade him for a sack of big league chew.


Hilarious. I called Sheets out last game because we were in a 4-game losing streak and I said an ace would STOP the losing streak before it got out of hand. Is that too much to ask?


Don't get so sensitive when someone says something negative about Sheets. Please don't lose sleep over what I think of Sheets.

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I wouldnt start Miller over Estrada. Estrada is 6-10 against Wolf also.


Agreed. The Dodgers series is 3 night games followed by an off day on Thursday. I doubt we see Miller until either Saturday Night or Sunday Day. He'll likely only get 1 start on this road trip.

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I called Sheets out last game because we were in a 4-game losing streak and I said an ace would STOP the losing streak before it got out of hand. Is that too much to ask?


You can ask for anything you want but it's unrealistic to expect it.

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You can ask for anything you want but it's unrealistic to expect it.


Why is it unrealistic? What's the point in the word 'ace' if you're not supposed to hold him to a higher standard than the rest of your rotation. Anyone who knows baseball knows you look to your ace to be the stopper in preventing losing streaks.


We all know bucksman has a distorted unrealistic idea that aces go 8 IP with 1 less ER than they need to win every single game. No real need to bring it up again.


Very uneducated comment. I didn't know such bitterness ensues when you knock everyone's beloved Ben. If you listen to Sparky from WSSP, he has it right. The guy can't put together more than one good season and everyone goes ga-ga over the guy for some reason. Just because a guy can throw 96 mph doesn't mean he's great, just so you all know that. His fastball is very hittable as it has little, if no movement.

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