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4/19/07 Pirates (Duke) @ Brewers (Suppan): 12:05 PM CDT






















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TV: MLB.TV (FSN: 7:00 PM Brewers Squeeze Play)

Radio: 620 WTMJ (Affiliates)

Internet: Live Boxscore, MLB Gameday 2007, ESPN Gamecast

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Beat the Pirates!

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The Pirates wear those for Friday home games. We play them on a Friday in August, I look forward to coming over to your house Team Canada to watch you tear your eyes out.http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif
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Let's finish this series this time. Put that foot over their throats and don't look back. It looks like we are turning back every 2nd place NL central team. STL, CIN, maybe now PIT and now Houston is coming on.
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Since Jeff Suppan is a real winner, he will ensure we get a sweep today.


When I saw Hall's numbers against Duke, all I could say is "wow..." LOL.

"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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If I were Ned, I would throw the same right handed heavy lineup out there today against Duke that he used last night. I do like how our lineup can be protected against tough lefthanded pitching this year.


Although I understand Miller will catch and Prince will be at first, which is obviously fine by me with Prince starting!!

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Willie Stargell would look awful.


As if Stargell looked good in the black and gold mix and match nightmare unis, circa 1979. The worst was the bumble bee striped version.

Formerly JohnStumpyPepys
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