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4/16/07 Brewers (Capuano) @ Reds (Milton): 6:10 PM CDT






















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MLB.com Preview

Brewers Press Pass



TV: WMLW 41 (No FSN due to Bucks Game)

Radio: 620 WTMJ (Affiliates)

Internet: Live Boxscore, MLB Gameday 2007, ESPN Gamecast

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Beat the Reds!

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Cappy is 4-4 against Milton?? Seriously?


Why are you shocked? Milton sucks. See what I just did now Milton is going to pitch a complete game shutout tomorrow.http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


On another note it's nice to see the Cubs on the bottom of the division no matter how early in the season it is.

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My favorite games the last few years have come against the Reds:


-- Hall's walk off HR (with Moeller's cycle)

-- Hall walk off suicide squeeze (after being down I believe 9 runs)

-- 5 HRs in one inning with a Dave Bush shutout and 5 Damian Miller RBIs (our catchers and Hall seem to have career games vs. the Reds)


By the way Woogie, I know it's been said a million times, but great graphics this year.

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So... the old question again, no TV for Madison folks tonight? I am going to have to ask this every time I see WMLW on the Brewers website since I just can't seem to understand/remember when others have answered the reasoning ( I understand the contractual problems w/ the Bucks games).
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the bucks can't even tank the games right. They take the last two from the celtics, come on. boston had the ball with a chance to tie and a full shot clock. they waited until it nearly expired and had telfair launch from two feet behind the three point line. that is how you lose games. what an awful organization, but if they end up with oden. I will be so happy. I couldn't be more disappointed with the coverage in the madison area. Still haven't seen suppan pitch.


complete game brewer tv available to madison viewers:




complete game cubs tv available to madison viewers:



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