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2006 League Championship Series Thread


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I'd like to think sheer lung volume after patiently waiting for ? years would eliminate any necessity for silly noise makers. I'd certainly think throat lozenge sales would increase dramatically in the greater Milwaukee metroplex ahould that happen.
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The Tigers' second inning was the perfect example of the type of execution that the Brewers haven't been able to match.


Leadoff double.

Pudge looks to hit behind the runner, knowing that it will result either in a base hit, or moving the runner to 3rd.

Sac Fly scores the run.


They didn't play for one run, but at the same time, they put themselves in a position to create productive outs and advance the leadoff baserunner. It's neither small ball or moneyball, just good baseball.


Whoever the next Brewers hitting coach is, I hope he can do a better job instilling that kind of mindset with the hitters. (And yes, a big part of executing in those situations requires the hitter not to strike out.)

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