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6/8/06 Padres (Thompson) @ Brewers (Davis) 1:05pm


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Starting Lineups:


 Padres Avg D. Roberts, lf .272 M. Cameron, cf .241 B. Giles, rf .278 J. Bard, c .377 K. Greene, ss .230 A. Gonzalez, 1b .261 V. Castilla, 3b .227 J. Barfield, 2b .260 M. Thompson, p .000 Brewers R. Weeks, 2b .302 B. Clark, cf .281 G. Jenkins, rf .258 B. Hall, ss .264 P. Fielder, 1b .297 C. Koskie, 3b .268 D. Miller, c .278 G. Gross, lf .243 D. Davis, p .080


Wow, Corey Hart continues to not exist in Ned Yost's mind. I don't care if this M. Thompson guy throws right-handed, that's just inexcusable to give a start to Gabe freaking Gross and forget about one of the best bats on your bench.

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The funny thing about this? By doing this Yost has no left handed bats on the bench now.


Apparently Yost MUST have one player that he becomes completely obsessed with. I thought it was going to be Shouse but apparenly it's Gross.

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Stupid mistakes...again.


When these guys make the easy plays, they win, when they don't, the give teams 4 or 5 extra outs to play with, and they lose.


Forget pitching, these guys needs to get their heads in the game.


Come on, Let's get 'em.

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Today...Not getting Cameron when we caught him stealing. That led to a run.


Last night...The errors in the early innings that put us behind early.


Sunday...Walking the pitcher on four pitches with two outs to set up a grand salami.


Good teams don't do that, regardless of their pitching woes.

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Right now, the Brewers are not a playoff team. Playoff teams don't give games away like we did last night. I don't know what happened so far today, but I agree that we need to get our collective heads out of our rear-ends and starting playing some respectable defense.
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