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04/16/2006 Brewers (Sheets) @ Mets (Bannister) 12:10 PM, CST


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Bannister's First Meeting with the Brewers? Uh oh.


Hopefully the days of getting shut out by guys like Bannister are over...


Imagine Sheets throwing a gem but the Crew losing 2-0...Yuck, that would hurt him.


But in the happy easter spirit...I say we give Sheeter some runs early and ofte, and the Crew rolls 8-1 (What the score yesterday should've been)

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Happy Easter all. I'm real excited about watching ben pitch today. Two things I worry about though....


1 Ben's first inning of work. He's gonna be amped. I think he may have control problems in the first inning.


2 A young team had a whole night to spend in NYC. Something tells me they didn't spend all night in their hotel rooms going over game film. I wouldn't be surprised to see them sluggish.


Hope I'm wrong on both accounts.

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Here we go, the lineups, from Yahoo! (very interesting):


For the visiting Brewers:

Gross, cf

Hardy, ss

Jenkins, rf

Lee, lf

Koskie, 3b

Hall, 2b

Fielder, 1b

Miller, c

Sheets, p


For the Metropolitans:

Reyes, ss

Lo Duca, c

Delgado, 1b

Wright, 3b

Floyd, lf

Nady, rf

Chavez, cf

Hernandez, 2b

Bannister, p


First day off for an outfielder today, and Gabe Gross gets the start for the struggling Brady Clark. Also, Rickie gets another day off, not sure as to why this is. Man, I really wish Ned Yost would realize that Corey Hart actually does exist.

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ah, not a punishment. Ricke had a good game. Remember, the goal is to get him 135-140 games, so Hall and Cirillo can log the other starts at 2b. If we didn't have depth, we'd need Weeks for 162 starts. But to properly utilize our depth, we also have the added benefit of helping keep Weeks, Hardy, and Koskie fresh.


I like Gross leadoff. signed him to my fantasy squad for today's game once I saw the lineup

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A little note about Brian Bannister on Fox Sports.com . . .


Rookie right-hander Brian Bannister. In his second of back-to-back starts against the Nationals, the rookie altered his patterns, varying speeds and using different two-strike pitches.


Some veteran pitchers aren't savvy enough to make those types of adjustments.


"His four pitches are all average, but his control and command are above-average and he has a great feel to pitch," a scout says. "You never want to label somebody a Maddux, but he can be that kind of guy."


Another executive compares Bannister, the son of former major-league pitcher Floyd Bannister, to former Mets right-hander Rick Reed, who averaged 13 wins for the Mets and Twins from 1997 to 2002.

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i really like this lineup....ya gotta love gross, and hahh, koskie in the lineup together......and hall is upgrade at 2nd...

weeks striking out way tomuch. should be a good game...pen is rested......even tho wise pitched 2 innings yesterday, they were strss free innings, and only 17 pitches i think... so sheets can go as long as he can(lets hope the mets dont dictate how long sheets goes), and who's gonna be the first pen guy to give up a run, other then capellan, fernandez already did.

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This is odd. I don't have the MLB Package but I can tune into the Brewer game on 736 on DirecTV. I do see they are on FSWI, (Same feed) does this mean this is an easy way to find the game if it's on a channel I already get?


I do have the NHL Package but they aren't carrying my teams game today (Avs. Vs. Canuck.. go Avs! Nevermind, I can't read dates, but it's still a good question) Is the MLB Package as spotty as the NHL Package?

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Well I'm stuggling hard in my fantasy league. How about a perfect game from Sheets to help my team? http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/happy.gif

The poster previously known as Robin19, now @RFCoder

EA Sports...It's in the game...until we arbitrarily decide to shut off the server.

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