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Would you trade Hall for Arod?

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I wouldn't be terribly keen on that trade for one reason, getting Arod is a win now type move and Hall is a win now player. We improve as a team, but become less flexible. I'd prefer to deal some prospects maybe a 3 teamer.
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Oh yeah I would. Can you imagine AROD hitting behind Prince? If we did somehow get him, I would have to drop Ricky Weeks to 5th in the order though to get him swinging behind AROD. Hopefully Hart or Gross would be able to handle leadoff. The biggest question is if AROD came to Milwaukee, would he be a 3rd baseman or return to SS?
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I think ARod would cost us about 10-11 million for the next 4 years (if of course, the Yanks picked up half his salary). How much would it cost for us to sign Hall to a 4 year deal right now? Probably 25-30 million. I think I'd have to do that trade.
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Some defensive metrics (and firsthand observation) suggest that Arod has regressed defensively, so that he's not a lock to even remain at third. And there's something wrong in his head...NY has kicked him in the rear of late.


That said, you find a place for him, and if it costs Bill Hall, well, I've loved having BIll Hall around, and I'll wish him well, but Bill Hall's best year looks like Arod's worst season.

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I've alluded to this sort of move more than once before, TX is paying some of the money, if NY did too, A-Rod becomes affordable to all teams interested.


The question is, for what, and would he agree to the deal?


I do think NY is going to move him this winter, for him to come here, they'd most likely need to get Hall and two young arms. My guess is they'd ask for Hall, Gallardo and one more, then the Brewers would ask for more than A-Rod in the deal, perhaps Melky Cabrera or a young catcher if the Yanks have one. This turns it into a 5 or 6 player deal, involving huge money, top prospects (possibly both ways) and A-Rod's acceptance of the deal.


Not at all likely, but not impossible either.


I would deal Hall in a package for A-Rod, if everything fell into place, but my bet will be on the Angels in this one.

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well i never shy away from putting a team out there


a rod would be third base and then short stop when braun is ready thus moving hardy via trade ...unless hardy could come off the bench. (and it hurts me to suggest moving him) whoever is more major league capable braun vs hardy .. depends on where arod would play...


imagine trading jenkins GWYNN inmann hendrickson krynzel



for arod and half his salary


then trade davis and mench for minor leage bullpen help and catching


sign barry zito/schmidt
















lf soriano ok ok likely a gross/clark platoon

2b weeks

1b fielder

3b arod

cf hall

rf hart

ss hardy

c miller







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