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Anyone else know about this? (4-DVD set of legendary Brewers games)


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I'd really be curious to see the quality of these. Considering I have a copy of each of these games on DVD already (some duplicated from VHS, some from the DVR), it'd be a worthwhile investment if the quality is better than what I already have.

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That is kinda neat, might be worth the 28 bucks. I wonder if its the full FSN footage or edited footage with commentary.


Where do you see $28 ?

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I just received this today. I'm giving it as a Christmas gift, so I will not be able to watch and give a review or the quality, but looking at the box there are some other goodies that I did not realize were included with the package (listed as "bonus features" on the box):


- Robin Yount: Hometown Hero

- 1982 Brewers Clinch AL East

- Harvey's Wallbangers: 1982 Brewers

- Juan Nieves Closes Out No-Hitter

- Sexson and Burnitz: 3 HRs each in one game

- Ben Sheets strikes out 18

- This Week in Baseball: 2008 Brewers

- TWIB: 2009 Brewers

- 2011 NLDS Game 5 Post-Game Celebration

- Ryan Braun's 3 HR game


There is also a sticker on the front that reads "Four Unforgettable Brewer Victories plus Radio play-by-plays"


Pretty Cool. I think my son will be very excited about this gift.

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Awesome find! I just ordered mine from Amazon. Can't wait to watch this!
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I got it and watched the 2008 game this afternoon. The game is in standard definition and is the entire FSN feed of the game but no post interviews, reactions etc. Ueckers call wasn't included in the game DVD but they do have some Uecker footage on the bonus TWIB 2009 Brewers coverage. Thanks all for giving me the heads up, getting the DVD on Amazon and being able to watch two of the most memorable games in my lifetime is pretty cool.
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Just got it through Amazon. I bought two copies of it. Well, I shouldn't say bought. You can sign up for an Amazon credit card and get a $30 credit instantly to your account. I got two copies (free shipping!!!) and still have $4 in my account.


I watched some of the extras. Good quality. Nice production.... One of the best features is the ability to switch from TV to Radio broadcast during the games. I love Uecker's call when Braun hits the bomb against the Cubs in 2008.

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