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Who wants to bet?


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What a waste of this board -- if they win 81+ youre going to say "who cares, i was wrong but they won the division!"

and if they dont, if this thread is even still around, youre going to say, "I knew it! i called it in july!"


useless. moreso than this reply

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Seriously, I will wager to the first person who wants it that the Brewers won't win more than 81 games this year.


I like Rluzinski's idea I would put an extra $50 on it if interested.


Winner gets their money back the other $50 is donated to brewerfan.net

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This could be fun to watch - who has the tally? I think BF is looking to win about $750 so far! Someone better start keeping track.


I will say that I predicted (at the start of the season) a 78-84 record. While I think that's still possible, I don't believe it's probably. And a) I hope I'm very wrong and b) I definitely don't want to put any money on it!!

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The original poster is maybe venting a little, but he is not too far off. The team is presently on pace to win 87 games. However, after the 24-10 start, they've went 33-39. At that pace for the rest of the season, they'd win 82-83. While I hope the team suddenly changes from what they've been the last 72 games, I wish there was more evidence that hinted towards that.


"88.6% of all statistics are made up right there on the spot" Todd Snider


-Posted by the fan formerly known as X ellence. David Stearns has brought me back..

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While I have been guilty of this as well, using selective end points is not an objective way to assess the talent of a baseball team and can be very misleading. I can use my own selective endpoints to come to the complete opposite conclusion you came up with, if I want to:


"Since starting 33-29, the Brewers have gone 24-20. If the Brewers continued that pace for the rest of the year, they'd finish with 91 wins and would probably make the playoffs. While the Brewers could suddenly change from what they've been the last 44 games, I'm glad there isn't more evidence that hints toward that."


No, the correct approach is to consider all the information we have. We should examine the preseason expectations and the whole of the 2007 season so far (weighing the results of the current season more heavily). We should also consider personnel changes and how they might effect future expected performance.


If we put all the information together, we come up with a far more objective assessment of the team and it's significantly less pessimistic that the doomsdayers suggest.I don't claim to know whether the Brewers will win the Central but the facts suggest that the Brewers still have a decent shot at the playoffs.


And if Jopal was being disingenuous when he proposed a wager, we might as well just lock this thread. We have enough vent threads as it is.

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While I don't think the Brewers will finish under .500, it's certainly not out of the question whatsoever.


These kids have no confidence whatsoever in themselves right now, especially on the road, where they seemingly cannot beat ANY team.


It's not going to get any easier. The homestand includes New York and Philly. August closes with a brutal road trip which includes the Diamondbacks, Giants, and Cubs. Other road series' include the Rockies, which will be a major challenge, and the Astros. I'd like to think that we can count on 2 of 3 in Houston, but at this point, I don't think there is a team in the league that we should be favored over in a series on the road.


I will say this. We'll know if this team is going to be in it until the end by the end of August. They could step it up, go 8-7 on the road, and continue winning at home. Or they could completely fold up the tent, win 10 games in the month, and struggle the rest of the season to stay above .500.


I think we'll still have our first winning season since '92, but that doesn't mean that's good enough. If the team does in fact find a way to slip under .500 to finish the season, I will predict Yost will be gone. There's just no way that a team with this much talent should be a .500 team.

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