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7/13/07 Rockies (Francis) @ Brewers (Capuano): 7:05 PM CDT


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Are we sure Sheets is starting? According to the front page on milwaukeebrewers.com it's Sheets, but in the article entitled "Notes: Hall hopeful for a quick recovery", it explicitly says Capuano is starting and Sheets is pushed back a day because he tossed an inning in the all-star game. Capuano is even quoted thinking that it's kinda weird that he will be starting two consecutive games for the Brew.
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Yeah its definitely Capuano. As soon as the guy who runs brewers.com wakes up I'm sure that'll be changed. I guess Ned wants to keep Cappy on regular rest given he's just making his 3rd start off the DL. Just a guess?


Please throw strikes and try not to walk hitters batting below .100

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Or perhaps the crafty Yost figured the best time to start Cappy was with a completely rested pen with his stopper throwing the next day? It's not like this will somehow mean Cappy gets more starts than anyone else in the second half.
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yeah 2 straight days of no baseball is no good. I am going tonight to get my baseball fix. Hopefully Cappy can get it back on track. He has gotten progressively better in his 2 starts since coming back with no rehab.
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A few days off during baseball season feels like an eternity. It'll be great to hear Ueck again tonight.


My lineup:


RF Hart

SS Hardy

3B Braun

1B Fielder

C Estrada

LF Mench

2B Weeks

CF Gwynn (EDIT: No Jenkins tonight.)

P Capuano

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