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Brewers Sign Jeff Weaver to minor-league deal


Per Tom Haudricourt at JSOnline.


I received a tip from a reliable source this morning that the Brewers have signed free-agent right-hander Jeff Weaver to an incentive-laden deal.

An interesting move, to say the least, by DM. Maybe he's got something else up his sleeve...?


The Brewers probably will send Weaver to extended spring training and then Class AAA Nashville. This might be an effort to increase their starting pitching depth after Chris Capuano injured his shoulder in spring training and Claudio Vargas was released.

Is signing all of Boras' clients DM's way of landing The Prince long-term?

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I'm not opposed to signing most players to minor league deals (assuming that's what this is), but hopefully he tears up Nashville before they ever consider calling him up.
I totally agree. This guys got good stuff, but for reasons unknown he's usually an absolutly awful pitcher.


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Honestly, the other day, a few friends were giving me some grief about WHEN Ben Sheets gets hurt. We went up and back, and when the subject came to who would they bring up, should he get injured, with Capuano and Vargas gone, my answer was....uhhh, Zach Jackson?


Believe me, Jeff Weaver is NOT even a good starting pitcher these days. But for a minor league deal, he's as good, if not a better alternative to Dave Bush, should the need arise. In fact, since Jeff needs a new contract, Scott Boras just might feed Jeff some magic chemicals, and he'll rejuvenate his career, just in time to leave for free agency. So he may even pitch well this year...


Good, low-risk signing.

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Okay, I like it if it's the beginning of their Frank recognition that their starting pitching simply isn't good enough for a world series club. Is it an improvement, no. But sometime you just gotta take baby steps.
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Pretty good move. Provides some depth and protection, flexibility should a trade opportunity present itself, and come swith little or no risk. Fact is, we're probably two SP injuries away from him being in Milwaukee.
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