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5/6/07 Pirates (Armas) @ Brewers (Sheets): 1:05 PM CDT









































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I'll be there to watch 'my boy' Sheetsie go against Armas. $1 dogs and awesome seats...what more could I want? How bout another Brewers win. Now that we're 10 over, why not go for 11...12...13....it's time to get greedy!
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Cubs play the Pirates at home this week. Then, they play the Phillies and Mets on the road. Basically, they have the same schedule as the Brewers (except Interleague Play) for the rest of the month.
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My first post in a IGT in two games. Missed the last two because I was away from home. Feels good to post again. Come on boys take #3 of 4 from these Pirates. Does Sheets go out today and try to get some of Pitts from that stunt they pulled yesterday? We'll see.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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Why do the Pirates insist that red is one of their team colors? The National League uniforms at last year's All-Star game weren't even as ugly as the red ones they've been sporting this year...ugh.

"[baseball]'s a stupid game sometimes." -- Ryan Braun


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He looks like he's giving himself a noseful of the Armas armpit.


The first thing I thought of, when I saw that picture, was that irritating Right Guard commercial that MLB.com keeps showing, where the guy fights the deer, checks the pits and announces that "WE'RE GOOD!."


Yet another tip of the cap to Woogie for incorporating less than flattering pictures of the opponents' starters.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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As per JSOnline at 10:25 a.m.


Here are today's starting lineups:




Chris Duffy CF

Jack Wilson SS

Freddy Sanchez 2B

Jason Bay LF

Adam LaRoche 1B

Ryan Doumit C

Xavier Nady RF

Jose Bautisti 3B

Tony Armas P



Rickie Weeks 2B

Craig Counsell 3B

J.J. Hardy SS

Prince Fielder 1B

Johnny Estrada C

Geoff Jenkins LF

Gabe Gross RF

Tony Gwynn CF

Beb Sheets P

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i like this line up more than the last time Hall sat..i think last time he sat, Weeks was also out....Brewers don't lose much if anything when Gross and Counsell play over Mench/Hart or Graffy... and TGJ can't do much worse than Billy at this point. Hopefully with Sheets pitching tonight, he shuts them down and this awesome home stand continues to be filled with Ws
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Skaalen was on the radio this morning. He said that Hall is pressing to hard, taking himself out of a lot of at bats by trying to swing for the seats. He's getting better at pitch selection and said he and Weeks are starting to get back in the groove and their numbers should look more normal. He also said that Hall more then likely won't be dropped in the order, as Yost has massive faith in Billy.


Billys not benched today due to performance, but due to the fact we've seen 3 lefties in a row and the bench needs to play. (Go Gabe!)

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