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4/23/08 Phillies (Hamels) at Brewers (Bush): 7:05 PM CDT










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With the bullpen absolutely gassed, I'm having a well-rested Dave Bush throw 120 pitches regardless of pretty much any result. They need a day off. If we can beat Hamels, it's just a bonus.


Just browsing the Phillies stats; Chase Utley is such a beast. 18 XBH already!! Looks like all the Phillies hit Bush pretty hard. Liking our chances Thursday much more.

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Hamels is good, check. Hamels is left handed, check. Time for our offense to score some runs.


Here's to Jenkins taking Bush deep and then Bush pitching a strong 7.

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It'll be nice to finally face a lefty, but then again not so nice that it's Hamels. Hopefully they can mount a furious comeback against him like the August game at Miller Park last season. I'd much prefer that to the game in Philly where he baffled the entire lineup.
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Here's to Jenkins taking Bush deep and then Bush pitching a strong 7.
I love ole Jenks, but I hope he goes 0-4 with two strikeouts tomorrow.

I'd be happy with a solo shot, but Bush goes the distance and the Brewers win 10-1.


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This will be my first game in attendance this year. Cannot wait, although I hoped for a better pitching matchup.


Oh well, pitch well Boosh. I should be drunk enough not to really care by the 3rd inning so all should be well.


Welcome back Jenks!

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I almost wished Woogie would of put Yost as the starter again (hey, it worked!). But i also think we should tell Bush "throw 7 or 8 innings, and have fun" And if he gets lit up, oh well. Are bullpen needs a break.

I like this. With the state of the BP as it is, Bushy is in a unique position tonight. He's on a long leash and can relax. I feel like he'll pitch a good game.

Brewers win 4-3. 3 solo homers by Jenks. 4 solo homers by Fielder. 7 strong by Bush: 21K. 3 hits. All HR. Guaranteed.
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Looking forward to a 27-pitch no-hitter by Bush.

How quickly would the pitch hitter batting 27th be sent down to the minors if he swung at the first pitch?


I will be in attendence. I look forward to cheering Jenkins the first time he is up. I am not looking forward to the Phillies giving Bush and the Brewers the baby seal treatment.



Hey, that gave me a thought. Are we going to bring back the Baby Seal Award? Or has it perminently been retired to Turnbow's mantle?

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Hamels is a very good lefty, but he's only 1 of the 4 lefty's starting against the Crew in the next 4 days. Ryan Braun, your batting avg. called, it's glad to be back this weekend.
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there is no part of this matchup that looks good for the brewers, other than that hamels is a lefty.


I guess Bush pitched better last time, so we have to hope he improves and keeps the walks down.


Since the season has been unpredictable, and because of our depleted pen and Bush starting it seems like we should lose, I am going to predict a 6-4 Brewers victory.

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