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5/7/08 Brewers (Bush) at Marlins (Badenhop): 6:10 PM CDT









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I can honestly say I've never heard of Burke Badenhop. As Bartholomew Hunt would say in Almost Heroes, "For the LOVE of all that is GOOD and DECENT, score runs off this guy!" (Except for the last part, he didn't say that)
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I like the Gagne Grade. It's depressing, but I like it. Hmmm.


I missed last night's debacle, but I'll be back in front of the TV tonight. The bats can't lay dormant much longer. Go Brewers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may run like Mays...
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Marlins .391 vs. Bush? Brewers facing a crappy right hander? Yay to sub .500 tonight.


If you honestly think it's that simple, you need to lay some money down on the Marlins. You know something Vegas doesn't. It will only cost you $105 to win $100! Free money! Take Vegas down!


Wait. It's not really that simple?

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Consider this post totally in blue text.


I'm quite pleased with myself right now. In the Season's Predictions story (found on the opening page) I had picked Rickie Weeks as the Brewers MVP for 2008.

It's nice to see a team use a guy batting .192 as the table setter. He'll really be able to cause havoc on the bases with such prolific skill with the bat. Weeks has an all start type OBP at .322 as well. Batting him at the top spot is working out very well for the team. Once in a while, on total accident or some freak of nature, Weeks reaches first base where he has been able to swipe 6 bases which, actually is not bad Putting him in a tie for 8th place in the NL. Perhaps more impressive than the 6 swipes is the fact that it has taken him more plate appearances than most of the guys ahead of him, and he is tied for first in games played to achieve the 6 stolen bases. God forbid he reach base more often, it's rather obvious to me he must be working harder than other players who take less AB's or GP to achieve higher stolen base totals, significantly higher batting averages, much better on base percentages, more runs scored, or forcing pitchers to throw more fastballs to number 2,3,and possibly 4 hitters in attempt to stop Weeks from stealing. I'd hate to see Weeks allow the team to become more aggressive. Yup, that's why I picked him for MVP. Major Void of a Player.

-I used to have a neat-o signature, but it got erased.
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Let's see, were facing a guy I have never heard of with an ERA above 7. Why do I get the feeling bats stay cold tonight and dude likes like Cy Young? Because it has happened before, but maybe we buck the trend tonight, mash and Bush has a solid outing and a winning streak begins! One can only hope.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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I'll buck the trend with some optimism. Bush and Villanueva will each make it through six innings, and the Brewers will win the series.


I'm with you. Put me in this camp.


Let's Go Crew!!!


Enough messing around already.

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What's that word for doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?


Lineup per TH at JS:

2B Rickie Weeks

CF Mike Cameron

LF Ryan Braun

1B Prince Fielder

RF Corey Hart

3B Bill Hall

SS JJ Hardy

P Dave Bush

C Jason Kendall

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If he was changing the lineup around the other people would be complaining the players can't get going because he's changing the lineup too much.

True, my question kind of had a double meaning. I think the answer to that question could also be "Brewer Fan." At least that's how I've felt the past 20 some-odd years.


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Let's see, were facing a guy I have never heard of with an ERA above 7. Why do I get the feeling bats stay cold tonight and dude likes like Cy Young?
Because I've already seen the future, and it includes a Yost postgame conference with a quote that sounds an awful lot like, "A great pitcher pitched a great game! He's Burke Badenhop! What did you expect!?"

If I had Braun's pee in my fridge I'd tell everybody.


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I can't wait to hear Ned's post game quotes after we get 5-hit by this guy I have never heard of.


"What can I say. He was really on the attack tonight. Pitched a whale of a game. Tip my hat to him. We will keep battlin."

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