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Favorite sport(s) to play?


My list would look something like:

1) Tennis
2) Baseball/Softball (Prefer baseball though)
3) Basketball

It really depends on the season I guess. Since it's Spring I've been aching for some baseball and tennis, but during the winter I love playing basketball at the Rec Center here.

I also enjoy racquetball, (outdoor) volleyball, and golf, though I don't personally consider it a sport. I love watching football, but wasn't exactly blessed with a football player's body, coming in at about 6'3 1/2" and 170 pounds after a big meal.

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golf, soccer, tennis, basketball, raquetball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, kickball


in no real particular order (it changes throughout the year). for instance, i am most looking forward to playing golf and tennis right now.


and a sidenote: i have not played baseball/softball since i was 8... lol

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1. Tennis

2. Softball

3. Football

4. Golf

5. Volleyball

6. Bags (More of a game than a sport, but don't tell that to the vast majority of play it in West Bend, Wisconsin -- they take it VERY seriously)


I'll play pretty much anything, but those are what I try to stick to in summer usually.

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1. Ultimate Frisbee

Thank you for putting this. Ultimate Frisbee is awesome.


1. Ultimate Frisbee

2. Baseball

3. Hockey

4. Basketball

5. Fireball

6. Capture the Flag (is that a sport? Who cares it's fun to play, it's a sport now.)

7. Football

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1. Golf

2. Softball/baseball

3. Bowling

4. Volleyball

5. Roller hockey

6. Football

7. Badminton

8. Basketball



I really don't actually play that many sports, though...the first three, and that's about it. I at one time have played all of the above, however. Are golf and bowling considered sports?

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1. Volleyball

2. Basketball

3. Dodgeball

4. Frisbee Golf

5. Softball


I tend to like the sports where I'm really active and after I'm done playing for a couple hours feel like I did something.

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1. Softball/Baseball

2. Bowling

3. Basketball (tough on the knees though)


Oh to be a teen/twenty something again so football could be on the list...

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