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03/01/07 - Oakland (Halsey) @ Brewers (Vargas) : 2:05 PM CT



Your Milwaukee Brewers open their Cactus League season as Claudio Vargas takes the hill against Brad Halsey and the Oakland Athletics. Vargas is the odds-on favorite to take the #5 starter spot for the Crew, while similarly, Halsey is gunning for a spot at the back end of Oakland's rotation. Jason Windsor is also slated to pitch for the A's.


Radio: None

TV: None

Internet Audio: Available via Brewers.com - click "Free Webcast" on the brewers.com home page!


Brewers.com preview: LINK

Want Tickets? LINK





1. Corey Hart, RF

2. J.J. Hardy, SS

3. Kevin Mench, LF

4. Bill Hall, CF

5. Johnny Estrada, C

6. Ryan Braun 3B

7. Vinny Rottino, 1B

8. Rickie Weeks, 2B

9. Claudio Vargas, P



1. Shannon Stewart, LF

2. Marcos Scutaro, SS

3. Dan Johnson, 1B

4. Nick Swisher, RF

5. Adam Melhuse, C

6. Antonio Perez, 2B

7. Lou Merloni, 3B

8. Carlos Thomas, CF

9. Brad Halsey, P


Scheduled pitchers:

Claudio Vargas - 2 innings

Zach Jackson - 2 innings

Manny Parra - 1 inning

Ben Hendrickson - 2 innings

Matt Wise - 1 inning

Derrick Turnbow - 1 inning




Top 1st

Vargas Pitching

1. Stewart singles, line drive up the middle

2. Scutaro triples to deep left center, Stewart scores. A's 1-0.

3. Johnson walks.

4. Swisher strikes out looking

5. Melhuse flies out to CF, Scutaro scores. A's 2-0

6. Perez grounds out to P


Bot 1st

Hasley pitching

1. Hart grounds out to short

2. Hardy flies out to RF

3. Mench singles to RF, advances to 3rd on error by Swisher

4. Hall strikes out swinging


Top 2nd

Vargas pitching

1. Merloni doubles to deep CF

2. Thomas singles to CF, Merloni to third

3. Halsey strikes out looking

4. Stewart strikes out swinging

5. Scutaro homers, Merloni, Thomas, and Scutaro score. A's 5-0

Zach Jackson replaces Claudio Vargas

6. Johnson grounds out to SS


Bot 2nd

Hasley pitching

1. Estrada grounds out to SS

2. Braun singles to center

3. Rottino singles to left field, Braun to 2nd

Braun steals 3B

4. Weeks lines out to 1st on a bunt attempt

5. Jackson strikes out swinging


Top 3rd

Zach Jackson pitching

1. Swisher grounds out to SS

2. Melhuse grounds out to 3B

3. Perez singles to RF

4. Merloni doubles down the third base line, Perez scores. 6-0 A's

5. Thomas flies out to CF


Bot 3rd

Chad Gaudin replaces Brad Hasley

Chad Gaudin pitching

1. Hart flies out to deep CF

2. Hardy lines out to 3B

3. Mench walks

4. Hall strikes out swinging


Top 4th

Zach Jackson pitching

Javier Hererra replaces Chad Gaudin

1. Hererra grounds out to 2B

2. Stewart singles

Ryan Goleski replaces Shannon Stewart

2. Scutaro grounds into FC at 2B

JJ Furmaniak replaces Macros Scutaro

3. Johnson flies out to CF


Bot 4th

Jason Windsor replaces Javier Hererra

JJ Furmaniak stays in at SS

Ryan Goleski stays in at LF

Eurbiel Durazo replaces Dan Johnson at 1B

Jason Windsor pitching

1. Estrada lines to LF, dropped by Goleski (error), Estrada safe at 1st.

2. Braun doubles down the RF line, Estrada to third

3. Rottino pops out to CF

4. Weeks sac bunt, out at first, Braun scores, 6-1 A's

Craig Counsell replaces Zach Jackson

5. Counsell strikes out looking


Top 5th

Manny Parra replaces Craig Counsell

Manny Parra pitching

1. Swisher flies out to RF

2. Melhuse walks

3. Perez flies out to LF

4. Merloni infield single to 3B (pall popped out of Braun's glove, no error)

5. Thomas reaches on an error by Braun (threw the ball into the 1B dugout), Melhuse scores, Merloni to 3rd. 7-1 A's

6. Durazo flies out to CF


Bot 5th

Kurt Suzuki replaces Adam Melhuse

Kevin Melillo replaces Antonio Perez

Donnie Murphy replaces Lou Merloni

Ricky Ledee replaces Carlos Thomas

Travis Buck replaces Nick Swisher

Jason Windsor pitching

1. Hart doubles to LF

2. Hardy doubles to CF, Hart scores. 7-2 A's

3. Mench grounds to 3B

Windsor balks Hardy to third

4. Hall walks

5. Estrada singles softly to RF, Hardy scores. 7-3 A's

6. Braun homers to deeeeep left-center. Mench, Hall, and Braun score. 7-6 A's

Ron Flores replaces Jason Windsor

7. Rottino strikes out swinging, dropped by catcher, thrown out at first

8. Weeks bunts, grounds out, pitcher to first


Top 6th

Ben Hendrickson replaces Kevin Mench

Geoff Jenkins replaces Manny Parra

Mike Rivera replaces Estrada

Ben Hendrickson pitching

1. Goleski flies out to RF

2. Furmaniak walks

John Baker replaces Eurbiel Durazo

Furmaniak steals second base

3. Baker walks

4. Buck walks

5. Suzuki grounds into double play.


Bot 6th

Scott Dunn replaces Ron Flores

Scott Dunn pitching

1. Jenkins singles to CF

2. Hart walked, Jenkins to second

3. Hardy walked, Jenkins to third, Hart to second

4. Rivera singles, Jenkins scores, Hart to third, Hardy to second. 7-7 tie

5. Hall strikes out swinging

Tony Gwynn Jr replaces Ben Hendrickson

6. Gwynn popped out to 3B

7. Braun homers to deeeeeep left-center. Hart, Hardy, Rivera, and Braun Score. 11-7 Brewers

David Shafer replaces Scott Dunn

8. Rottino pops out to SS


Top 7th

Matt Wise replaces Hendrickson

Brady Clark replaces Hart, plays in CF

Tony Gwynn Jr stays in the game in RF

Ozzie Chavez replaces Hardy

1. Melillo singles to left field

2. Murphy lines out to left field (terrific diving catch by Jenkins)

3. Ledee reaches on error by Rottino (through Rottino's legs), Melillo to third

4. Durazo sac fly to LF, melillo scores. 11-8 Brewers

5. Goreski grounds out to SS


Bot 7th

Shafer Pitching

Yohannis Perez replaces Rickie Weeks

1. Perez walks

2. Jenkins pops out to 3B in foul territory

3. Clark singles, Perez to third base (hit & run)

4. Chavez singles to right, Perez scores. 12-8 Brewers

5. Anderson walks, Clark to third, Chavez to 2nd.

6. Gwynn flies out to CF


Top 8th

Alec Zumwalt pitching

Perez and Chavez switch 2B and SS

1. Furmaniak flies out to RF

2. ? lines out to 1B

3. Buck singles to RF

4. Suzuki singles to RF, Buck to third

5. Melillo walks, suzuki to second

6. Murphy ... out.


Bot 8th

1. Braun grounds out to SS (almost beat the throw)

2. Rottino homers to left field. 13-8 Brewers

3. Perez doubles to RF

4. Jenkins singles to LF, Perez scores. 14-8 Brewers

5. Clark grounds into FC, Jenkins out at second.



I'm done.... sorry fellas.

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Usually, if you have a subscription to last year's MLB audio package, it expires on April 1st, allowing you access to all S/T audio.
Yes, previous years' subscriptions expire on April 1st. The last time I signed up, I was told that MLB now automatically renews whatever services you have each year on April 1st. In other words, if you want to cancel, you have to call.



EDIT: This press release says the spring webcasts are free. I hope that doesn't mean the misleading definition of 'free' we heard two years ago.

That’s the only thing Chicago’s good for: to tell people where Wisconsin is.

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From JS Sportswatch:


Fielder scratched from exhibition opener

Phoenix- First baseman Prince Fielder was scratched from the starting lineup for the Brewers' exhibition season opener today against Oakland with tightness in his right quadriceps.


Manager Ned Yost said the tightness in Fielder's quad was the result of running the 60-yard dash for time during a workout Wednesday. He was replaced at first base by Vinny Rottino for the exhibition opener.


The Breewers' lineup for today's game:


Corey Hart rf

J.J. Hardy ss

Kevin Mench lf

Bill Hall cf

Johnny Estrada c

Ryan Braun 3b

Vinny Rottino 1b

Rickie Weeks 2b

Claudio Vargas p


Yost said Weeks will be allowed to bunt only in the game today as the Brewers continue to ease him back into swinging the bat after getting an injection in his surgically repaired right wrist last week.


Braun, the Brewers' top everyday prospect, will get pleny of action in the early going of exhibition play because Corey Koskie is still sidelined with post-concussion syndrome and Yost wants to go slow with veteran infielders Craig Counsell and Tony Graffanino.

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Count me in as one of the people who wants D-Bow to have a strong outing.


Here's to hoping for an injury-less game and a good showing by the 'crew. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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tell me there is a way i can get the play by play


MLB.com might be gamecasting it. Can't remember if they did last preseason or not (I think not).


If they aren't usually someone will pony up the time and energy to do a gamecast (contained within one post) in the game thread here. I would, but I won't be home until 4:30 or 5.


While I'm on the subject, remember that the IGT exists to make less substantive posts about reactions to the game. It does not exist to form a play-by-play of the game. If moderators see someone spewing post after post of "Rottino singles" and "Weeks bunt triple" and "Turnbow strike" those posts will be deleted and the poster may be warned.

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