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2011-10-12 Brewers (Gallardo) at Cardinals (Carpenter) - [Brewers lose, 4-3; trail NLCS, 2-1]



Yovani Gallardo

He didn't earn the victory, but Gallardo held the D-backs to one run over six innings in a must-win Game 5 of the NLDS, helping the Brewers win a postseason series for the first time since 1982.

Cardinals vs. Gallardo
Gallardo Game Log

Chris Carpenter

Coming off a defining game, Carpenter will take the ball in the first Cardinals home game of the series. His ERA was .80 better at home than on the road, and he allowed just five homers at Busch Stadium all year.

Brewers vs. Carpenter
Carpenter Game Log

Starting Lineups

  1. Hart RF
  2. Kotsay CF
  3. Braun LF
  4. Fielder 1B
  5. Weeks 2B
  6. Hairston 3B
  7. Betancourt SS
  8. Lucroy C
  9. Gallardo

Media Coverage


Brewerfan Game Chat

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Thursday, Friday and Saturday all look good weather-wise in St Louis. If they can play tonight they should play, but I don't want any part of a game which is suspended after 4 and carried over to Thursday. Don't see the need to rush into this as dates in Milwaukee (if necessary) are guaranteed.
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I don't understand that at all. Word was they were considering Gomez in CF today for defense. How that ends up as Kotsay is so far beyond me.



Edit: Looking back, I guess they never said they were considering Gomez, only considering sitting Morgan. Eesh.

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If it's not going to be Morgan, how could it NOT be Gomez at this point? He's hit the ball well in the playoffs and he's by far the best CF on the roster in the field. This is just another one of those ridiculous moves that RR makes. It makes absolutely no sense at all.


Despite that, this is a crucial game for the Brewers. Sure, losing isn't the end of the world, but if they could somehow steal this one I would feel a lot better about our chances. We'd have beaten their ace, would have Greinke going in game 5 and be assured of coming home for the weekend.


That being said, on paper, this one feels like a sure loss. Yo can't beat the Cardinals and Carpenter has been dominating lately.

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I have no words. It is a testament to the talent on this team that they won 96 games with Ron at the helm.


Basically defense in CF cost us a few runs last game so we throw out a significantly worse defender in CF the next game. And bat him 2 because well thats where our CF bats. Amazing.

EDIT: He is 4 for 12 with an .871 OPS against Carp and Gomez has never faced Carp. Guaranteed this is why. Still have no words
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Does he confide in the rest of his coaching staff at all when making these decisions? Sveum? Shelby? Iorg? Sedar? Narron? None of these guys suggested to Ron that he may want to rethink this??

User in-game thread post in 1st inning of 3rd game of the 2022 season: "This team stinks"

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