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2015-05-02 Brewers (Fiers) at Cubs (Arrieta), 1:20 PM CDT [Brewers win, 6-1]

[igt-2012][game-setup][logo]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20589901/BrewerFan/2014/logos/brewers.png[/logo][game-info][h1]May 2 | 1:20 P.M.[/h1][h2]Brewers (5-18) | Cubs (13-8)[/h2][h3]FSWI | WTMJ 620[/h3][/game-info][logo]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20589901/BrewerFan/2014/logos/cubs.png[/logo][/game-setup][pitching-photos]http://i.imgur.com/SNg1DeM.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/3vaSCVU.jpg[/pitching-photos][game-matchup][divclass=away][pitcher]Mike Fiers[/pitcher][h2]0-3, 5.79 ERA, 1.93 WHIP[/h2][h3]Versus Cubs | Game Log[/h3][h3]Fiers has almost twice as many hits and walks allowed (36) as innings pitched (18 2/3). Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs was 5-for-6 with a home run and a double off Fiers last season.[/h3][/divclass][divclass=home][pitcher]Jake Arrieta[/pitcher][h2]3-1, 2.03 ERA, 0.94 WHIP[/h2][h3]Versus Brewers | Game Log[/h3][h3]Arrieta struck out six over six innings in his last start against the Reds, retiring the first 11 batters. At Wrigley, he is 1-1 with a 1.98 ERA so far. In his career, he's 2-2 with a 2.59 ERA vs. the Brewers.[/h3][/divclass][starting-lineup][divclass=away]

  1. CF Carlos Gómez ®
  2. SS Jean Segura ®
  3. RF Ryan Braun ®
  4. 1B Adam Lind (L)
  5. LF Khris Davis ®
  6. 2B Elián Herrera (S)
  7. C Martín Maldonado ®
  8. 3B Héctor Gómez ®
  9. RHP Mike Fiers ®


  1. RF Jorge Soler ®
  2. CF Dexter Fowler (S)
  3. 1B Anthony Rizzo (L)
  4. 3B Kris Bryant ®
  5. C Miguel Montero (L)
  6. SS Starlin Castro ®
  7. LF Chris Denorfia ®
  8. RHP Jake Arrieta ®
  9. 2B Addison Russell ®

[/divclass][/starting-lineup][/game-matchup][game-links][h3][chat]BrewerFan Chat[/chat] | MLB Gameday[/h3][/game-links][/igt-2012]

Stearns Brewing Co.: Sustainability from farm to plate
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Gomez looking forward to battling Arrieta in return

By Adam McCalvy / MLB.com | 5/1/2015 6:18 PM ET


When center fielder Carlos Gomez is taken off the disabled list and returns to the Brewers' lineup on Saturday afternoon, there will be no easing back into action. Gomez said he considers Cubs starter Jake Arrieta one of the best pitchers in baseball.


"I can't wait … [to] have my debut again, against one of the best pitchers that we see," said Gomez, who has been on the DL since suffering a right hamstring strain on April 15. "The statistics probably don't say so, but that guy, for me, is the best pitcher in the National League.


"I said early that he's going to be one of the top three pitchers in baseball. The way he pitches, I like it, so I'm excited, too, because I'm not going to face a nobody. I'm going to face a really good pitcher, and I know it's going to be tough. I don't like to face him, but yet I do, because that's how I know that I'm good, too."


Arrieta has thrown four straight quality starts to begin his season.


Four things to know about the game


• The Brewers hope to have third baseman Aramis Ramirez back in the lineup after he was scratched Friday with a tight left hamstring. Manager Ron Roenicke said Ramirez tweaked that leg during Tuesday's loss in Cincinnati.


"Aramis actually wanted to play [Friday]," Roenicke said. "We were hoping one day off [on Wednesday] would clear it, and it's still there. So, just to be cautious, we talked him out of playing."


• Unbeaten in their last three series, the Cubs need a victory Saturday or Sunday for their first four-series unbeaten streak since a six-series run in 2012. The Brewers have lost each of their first seven series this season.


• Gomez could provide a boost for a team that has been playing without three of its eight Opening Day position players. Second baseman Scooter Gennett and catcher Jonathan Lucroy remain on the DL, though Gennett was scheduled to begin a Minor League rehab assignment on Friday night.


• Right-hander Mike Fiers (0-3, 5.79 ERA) is set to start for the Brewers. He has a 2-1 record and a 1.77 ERA in four outings (three starts) in his career against the Cubs.

Stearns Brewing Co.: Sustainability from farm to plate
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I know there's those that have predicted Brewer HRs before the game. I'll predict this will be Bryant's first HR on the season of Fiers.


Again, Lester, Arrieta Brewers facing team's best pitching. Having Gomez back will help but still down Lucroy and Gennett. You just can't believe a team should beat ML's best pitchers when 3/8th of their position players are on the DL. Now 1/4. No matter how poor a start they were off to.

And look. Next series. Brewers vs Dodgers. 1st up Kershaw. 2nd Greinke.

Team will finally see a break in projected starters the next series vs the Cubs avoiding Lester/Arrieta if projected correctly.


9games to complete the 25/32 within division start. 5-15 thus far. I feel like being 10games under .500 within your division is terms to be let go as a manager. In any sport. It should be hard to get to 10games under .500, only took this team 20games.

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Rotowire has Addison Russell batting ninth and Jake Arrieta eighth, so that's what I filled in above. We'll see if that remains accurate.


All season the Cubs have batted the Pitcher 8th. Maybe there's some sabrematric statistician that has come up with a stat that based on Batting order/profile the #8 guy would typically be coming to bat with a man on base and being of the Bunt to move over more often than a 9th batter and 0-1outs when coming to the plate. Vs. 1-2outs or having runners on base?


Or maybe simply just Maddon making a decision that is obviously opposite over any manager in baseball and due to the Cubs true talent, he's going to look like a genius manager that the team added vs just a clone of most what is available today.

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Wow I'm watching the T-Rats and figured after Fiers first inning where he barely threw more balls than strikes that this would get away, I checked back in at Gameday during the recent pitching change and see he has 10 strike outs in 5 innings, quite the turn around.


Didn't he have a real nice strike out game against the Cubs last year too?

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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Five days...five days before the home run barrage started, and I offered the guy in my league Victor Martinez when Braun was doing nothing. And he hemmed and hawed for five days. Now Braun is on fire, and I have no chance of getting him.


Thanks a lot.


I'm just happy to see him destroying the ball again. And I hope all the naysayers are having a nice hot cup of sthu.

There are three things America will be known for 2000 years from now when they study this civilization: the Constitution, jazz music and baseball. They're the three most beautifully designed things this culture has ever produced. Gerald Early
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Wait. Isn't Broxton supposed to have pitched the 8th?
"This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains." Think about that for a while.
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How is that one gonna be scored? 4 bases on errors? Wonder the last time that happened.


Ueck said twice he'd never seen it before.


Logan Schafer reaches on a throwing error by shortstop Starlin Castro. Logan Schafer scores. Throwing error by first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

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Too bad we just wasted that 2 run offensive explosion on a Fiers start

Yep, too bad.


General rule of thumb, when you have four times as many strikeouts as hits given up you've had a good start.

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