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When Will Brewers Surpass Win Total of 2002 Team?


The Davey Lopes and Jerry Royster squad went a remarkable 56 - 106 (.336 winning percentage!) in 2002. What is your guess for the date that the current team surpasses that win total? They need nine more wins.


My guess.... July 21st.

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Amazing how bad that team was.


Folks I give you your 2002 Milwaukee Brewers


C Paul Bako

1B Richie Sexson

2B Eric Young

3B Tyler Houston

SS Jose Hernandez

LF Geoff Jenkins

CF Alex Sanchez

RF Jeffrey Hammonds


Ron Belliard

Matt Stairs

Mark Loretta

Alex Ochoa

Lenny Harris

Robert Machado

Ryan Thompson

Raul Casanova

Jim Rushford

Keith Ginter

Jorge Fabregas

Ryan Christenson

Bill Hall

Marcus Jensen

Israel Alcantara

Luis Lopez


Ben Sheets

Glendon Rusch

Ruben Quevedo

Jamey Wright

Jose Cabrera

Nick Neugebauer

Nelson Figueroa

Ben Diggins

Wayne Franklin

Shane Nance

Jimmy Osting

Everett Stull

Mike Buddie

Valerio de los Santos

Jayson Durocher

Luis Vizcaino

Matt Childers

Mike DeJean

Andrew Lorraine

Dave Pember

Mike Matthews

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Folks I give you your 2002 Milwaukee Brewers


Wow, thanks a lot adamb. Now I have horrible nightmares to look forward to tonight. Some of those names literally make me shudder in disgust.

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"Everett Stull is not walking through that door, fans. Ben Diggins is not walking through that door, and Izzy Alcantara is not walking through that door. And if you expect them to walk through that door, they're going to be gray and old. What we are is young, exciting, hard-working, and we're going to improve."

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That 2002 lineup would have been much stronger had they not started guys ahead of Loretta and Stairs who 5 years later are still productive hitters.


A surprising number of everyday players are still around though including Raul Casanova who is in Tampa Bay.


Wow that pitching staff though was a nightmare. Who can ever forget Jose Cabrera wiping out one of the cherished records (total bases in a game) held by a Milwaukee player, Joe Adcock, when he threw a BP fastball to Shawn Green for his 4th HR, 6th Hit, and 19th total base in the 9th inning.

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As the old saying goes: In baseball you''ll win 54 and you'll lose 54, but it's what you do in those other games that counts...The 2002 Brewers went 2-52 in those "other games."
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July 18th is my guess


Holy Crap do the brewers have a favorable schedule this month...

all i can say is that this is their month for the taking.


17-8 to close out this month isn't a stretch at all, putting them to 23 games over .500 at 65-42. that puts this division out of reach

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Best thing about that year (2002) was it was the year Bill Hall made his major league debut.


You know that team wasn't going to ever be a division or wild card winner, but they shouldn't have been as bad as 56-106.


Jeffrey Hammonds makes me sick. Worst free-agent signing ever.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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