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7/3/07 Brewers (Capuano) @ Pirates (Youman): 3:05 PM CDT



















































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Beat the Pirates!!

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Just seeing the name Shane Youman makes me fear. I played him 5 or 6 times in MLB 07 The Show and this guy owned me pretty hard when I played him, lol. I'd beat him, but they would be 2-1, 3-1, 4-0 games.


Here's hoping that we continue crushing lefties as we have been. Youman, prepare to get Menched!


Also, lets hope for Cappy to have a good first start back.

"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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I read somewhere it was going to be his big league debut, but then I researched it and realized they were wrong. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/laugh.gif


I will never trust the internet again. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif

"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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Time for a little interesting tidbits. Capuano will be pitching against the organization that originally drafted him out of high school. Chris, instead, decided that a mind was a horrible thing to waste and took his Valedictorian brain to Duke University.


Duke Baseball bio Cappy's Freshman Year "Freshman from West Springfield, MA. Drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 44th round of the 1995 draft. High School: A 3 time letterman at Cathedral High School....selected the Division 1 Pitcher of the Year in Western Massachusetts his senior season.....was 15-1 over the course of his last two seasons, including an 8-0 mark his senior season....registered a 1.00 ERA with 110 strikeouts in 63 innings.....struck out 16 in one game.....was named the Most Valuable Pitcher of the Massachusetts/Connecticut All-Star Game played at Fenway Park.....Valedictorian of his 305-member graduating class. www.kettleers.org/bios97/capuano.htm



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Logically there should be absolutely no fear in facing the Pirates. Their line up is worse than the Giants one player with an OPS over .800 and that's the catcher in the .850s? That is really bad. For all the Pirate fear let's keep in mind that we have won all but one game this year. The curse of the Pirate is dead!
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I've wanted to do one of these for some time, so pardon me if I step on your toes lamp...




ok, I'll never do it again http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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How many rookie starters have the Brewers faced the last few years and how bad have they actually been against them? I doubt any worse than expected.


I think this pitching match up looks very good. Cappy might be a little rusty but it sure seemed like a nagging injury was hurting his production to begin with.

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If the Pirates' rotation holds up, Youman will face the Cubs on Sunday. Too bad that will not be a WGN game, because Youman was, with Fontenot and Theriot (and former brewer farmhand Heath McMurray), a member of the 2000 LSU College World Series championship team, and I am completely not sick to death of hearing stories about Fontenot and Theriot and LSU.
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"I think this pitching match up looks very good."


This from the guy who believes in the value of statistics? Sounds like a Yost-esque gut instinct from Russ. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


Love it, hope you're right and I'm wrong. Would be great to find a way today, and assure themselves no worse than a split, with Sheeter still to throw.

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This from the guy who believes in the value of statistics? Sounds like a Yost-esque gut instinct from Russ


Youman stinks and Cappy is generally pretty good. Obviously, I'm only guessing on the effects Cappy's DL stint will have on his performance today but even if he's off a bit, he should still be better than Youman.

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Woogie thanks for the great ROY tracker. Braun, Pence and Hamilton have all put up nice numbers this season. Should be a close race.


I hate these weird start time games and then no TV to boot. Come on Cappy here is to a strong start coming back off the DL. Offense lets keep it going!

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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