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04/17/2004 - Milwaukee (Kinney) @ Houston (Duckworth)


The Brewers try to take the lead in the series with struggling Matt Kinney to the mounds against former Philly, Brandon Duckworth.



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Hopefully no hangover from last night's game. They should be able to beat up on Duckworth pretty well - he has a 12.15 ERA in one start and 6 2/3 innings against the Crew, as well as 2 HR and 3 ER in a one inning relief stint earlier this season. Kinney on the otherhand, has not been so terrible against Houston. This is a very winable game, and the Crew needs to do it.
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Same old Kinney=crap


Not to mention "Same old Hall = E-6"


(I thought it would take some time for Hall to get his second error, but he's getting ahead of that 'Error every 4 games' pace. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/mad.gif )

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Give Ford or Hernandez a chance in the rotation before starting Hendricksons arby clock. For a while, the Brewers wont need a fifth starter, so lets leave Ben in Indy, stick Kinney in the bullpen, and see how he does there.
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I've been a huge Hendrickson supporter for a while, especially after claiming he's was easily the best pitcher in the Fall League (from my limited games). However given his injury history, I would kind of like to see us wait till June 1st to call up up, so that he'll have 8-10 starts under his belt. Plus, do we want to call him up and have him pitching only every once in a while (with all our days off), or would we rather call up Wise and shift Burba/Kieschnick 5th spot (when needed)? Either way, Kinney should be done in the rotation. He needs to earn his way back.
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why an earned run? So Lamb gets to third with one out. he scores on an error. Then the next two batters get out. How is that an earned run for Hernandez?


EDIT: nevermind, I see the gametracker fixed it

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Brewer Fanatic Contributor

Wow, UGLY game all around.


Lots of thoughts so far.


Clancy, I'm still going to say keeping Kinney over Franklin was the right move, but I won't defend Kinney's spot in the rotation. With all the mondays off, move Oby into the 4th spot in the rotation, and put Kinney in the pen.


Nice seeing the 2 bombs from Pods, but is anyone else a little bothered that he's hitting a LOT of flyballs? He's flying out to the track it seems at least once a game, and he doesn't have the kind of power that would justify swinging for the fences all the time.


Hall's D, yeesh. As much as I like the guy, it's not hard to see why Counsell gets the majority of the playing time.


Hernandez. The guy is just not impressive (so far), but he's still working with a really small sample size, so I suspect he's gonna get a bit more time to work things out. Uecker was talking about how Yost is not comfortable throwing him out there in close games.


Might wanna wave fellas........this might be the last we see of .500 this year.

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What happened on teh play Bennet got the error?




Noone one said Kinney was good. All that was said was he had more upside than Franklin, which isn't saying much anyway. The fact that you turned your fascination with Franklin into utter disgust for Kinney is kind of disturbing.


I can't give Melvin any credit until he can assembly a pitching staff that isn't almost the worst in the whole league. It's gooing be two years in a row now that the pitching staff will be plain bad. After davis and Hernendaz fail, he'll be 1 for about 10 on pitchers, with kolb being the lone bright spot.


I mean, Dave Mlicke? Where is he these days?

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Brewer Fanatic Contributor

Yeah, right now I'm thinking about all the people that were saying this rotation will be better than the Cards rotation, and I just gotta laugh.


Dusty Baker doesn't take his starters out til the 9th, we're LUCKY if our starters get INTO the 5th inning.


As bad as they are, we won't have to worry about Nedly burning up our starting pitching.


The BULLPEN on the other hand..........



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RoCo, I think we may be pesky and hang around .500 for a while.


We can almost count ourselves fortunate. We have learned a few things early on without going 2 and 11.


We see Kinney is not a keeper.

We see Sheets may actually be able to step up.

We see Pods struggles in CF, but is no one year wonder with bat and shoes.

We see Hernandez really is not the comeback player of the year.

I suppose the list goes on, but this is really a 'find out what we have without drowning year'. And we are succeeding.


We beat up St Louis and now St Louis is beating up others. We may not be really, really bad. But the best we appear to be is pesky. But .500 pesky is a big improvement.


And, of course, if the minor league guys really pan out, we can add talent to pesky and become good. (and cheap, that will make EVERYBODY happy)

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