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People you know with funny names


Hawing said in the "Rickroll the Mets" thread that she knows someone named Rick Roll. Does anyone else know any funny named people?


I had a summer job two years ago, and one of the higher ups at the company was named Ray Scism. His parents must have really been racist to name him that, or a great sense of humor, or lack of foresight.

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I knew a Ben Gay in elementary school in Fort Atkinson, but that's relatively common

I know a guy named Rick Gay. When he was confirmed into the church, his confirmation name was "Israel."

Rick "Israel" Gay


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I knew a couple of kids in grade school with the last name "Izydorek".... pretty much pronounced "is a dork". There's no first name you can give that kid that will counter that.
Marry fast and if you are male take your wife's last name, unless it is worse.

Fan is short for fanatic.

I blame Wang.

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All real people I know or known


Tracey Tracey

Mike Hamburger

Chris Batman

Amy Fisher


Funny other people


Rusty Kunts

I always wondered how many other people had picked up on good 'ol Rusty and his funny name besides my brother and I. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/laugh.gif Funny stuff. My dad once told me that he had some clients by the last name of Outhouse. I couldn't believe that one.


Troy Colen was an instructor of mine when I was going through military tech school. I'm sure he'd heard every joke in the book about his name.

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One day at work I was sorting leads for sales people and I came up with one from Mexico where the guy's name was listed as Assman Ortiz. I thought it was a fake, but I sent it to the sales person anyway and it turns out the guy's name really was Assman Ortiz.


I hope he's a proctologist in his spare time.

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