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04/08/05 - Brewers (Capuano) @ Cubs (Wood), 1:20 PM CT


Chris Capuano makes his first start of the year. In 4 games lifetime against the Cubs, he's sporting a rather large 9.00 ERA. Kerry Wood has handled the Brewers rather well in 9 starts, with a 2.73 ERA in 9 games. Of course, this is not the same Capuano or the same Wood, so anything can happen.


NL Central Standings:

 CINCINNATI 3 0 1.000 - 3-0 0-0 03-00 00-00 00-00 WON 3 [b]MILWAUKEE 2 0 1.000 1/2 0-0 2-0 00-00 02-00 00-00 WON 2[/b] HOUSTON 1 1 .500 1 1/2 1-1 0-0 00-00 01-01 00-00 WON 1 ST LOUIS 1 1 .500 1 1/2 0-0 1-1 00-00 01-01 00-00 LOST 1 CHICAGO CUBS 1 2 .333 2 0-0 1-2 00-00 00-00 01-02 LOST 2 PITTSBURGH 0 3 .000 3 0-2 0-1 00-00 00-02 00-01 LOST 3 



Brewerfan.net / Statfox matchup info:



Milwaukeebrewers.com game preview:



Chicagocubs.com game preview:



Yahoo! sports game preview:


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I think the key is for the Brewers' lineup to be patient and get Wood's pitch count up. The Scrubs seem to have used their bullpen a bunch in the first few games and they've been unimpressive.


The Crew has done a good job with working pitchers so far - on opening day, Perez was in the 80's with number of pitches early in the 5th inning even though the game was still close at that point.


Cappy just needs to relax, stay loose, and continue to do what he did this Spring. I really thought he'd surprise people last year, but I believe it more this year. He's just gotta stay healthy and he'll make the Brewers' 1-3 pitchers as good as any.


Let's get another win and ruin the home opener for the Scrubs! Fuel the rivalry a bit. GO CREW!

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I totally agree- I just posted this on the js board:


Capuano's been lights out, and he could certainly continue that today. As for Wood, the key is to be patient and get his pitch count up. If we can get him out before the sixth inning we'll expose that bullpen, which is always a good thing.

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If Capuano pitches well, this can only be good for the Brewers. To have three pitchers that can go out and get quality starts each time out, only puts the team in a better position to win. Plus it can help take the pressure of the bullpen.
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My prediction?






"Dustin Pedroia doesn't have the strength or bat speed to hit major-league pitching consistently, and he has no power......He probably has a future as a backup infielder if he can stop rolling over to third base and shortstop." Keith Law, 2006
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hey the cubs are south of us where they SHOULD be, might as well crap on them and there season. bring out that dam broom already.

I'll take LEE in my ya - ya prediction today.


1-1 in ya-ya this year .500


bud light 1-0

bush light 1-0


today im drinking bush light agian becuase I still have some left.

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I don't know that the Brewers want that, considering Cappy's propensity to serve up the tater.



 1&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Brady Clark, CF&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B 2&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Junior Spivey, 2B&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Corey Patterson, CF 3&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Lyle Overbay, 1B&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Nomar Garciaparra, SS 4&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Carlos Lee, LF&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Aramis Ramirez, 3B 5&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Geoff Jenkins, RF&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Derrek Lee, 1B 6&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Damian Miller, C&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Jason Dubois, LF 7&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Russell Branyan, 3B&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Jeromy Burnitz, RF 8&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp J.J. Hardy, SS&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Michael Barrett, C 9&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Chris Capuano, P&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Kerry Wood, P

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