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Gwynn to DL, Iribarren called up

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This move makes absolutely no sense to me.

I'll translate:





Does that make sense?


Bwa, ha, ha, ha!



EDIT: Of course that's in jest, I'm obviously a seamhead too. The move doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either.

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Wow, I'm surprised by this move. Like some other people, I thought Gwynn's spot would be used to get Gallardo back while allowing them a bit more time to decide which pitcher to get rid of.


I like the move though. A 3 man bench (not counting Rivera) would not really be adequate for a long stretch of time. Plus, I always like to see guys make their MLB debut, especially ones that we've all been following for a few years. Hopefully Hernan will have some success.

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I hope Iribarren can play CF better than Gross. The move makes sense to me. Why play with 24 guys? Iribarren's on the 40 man already. As for making room for Gallardo, after his sterling outing last night, is there any question that McClung will be gone shortly?
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I don't think Hernan can play Centerfield better than Gross at this point, due to the fact that he is making a Billy Hall'esqe position change. However, I must say that Gross is NOT a very good centerfielder at all, so it won't take much for him to at least match Gabe's defensive non production.


I think Hernan is just up to be that pinch hitter/speed guy for the next week. I can't see him starting out there for 2-3 games. I think it will just be the "Gabe" show in center for the mean time.


Is it April 29th yet? http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/embarassed.gif



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