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4/5/08 Giants (Correia) at Brewers (Parra): 12:05 PM CDT









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ugh, game starts at 10 am here in AZ. After a night of rum & cokes and watching a movie or two, it's going to be brutal. Then, a Final Four party at BW3 in the afternoon/evening. This is going to be a long (but fun) Saturday.


I'm not looking forward to Sunday already.

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Correia has me most worried out of the Giants' starters this weekend (although Sanchez looked much better--relatively speaking for a guy who gave up 7 earned runs in 5 1/3--than I expected).


He looked pretty good in beating the Crew last August in SF and he's just generally the kind of MOR righty the Brewers seem to struggle against. Zito looked awful in his first start; it appears he's lost even more velocity than he did last year and he doesn't have the control he once did.

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Hopefully Manny pitches like the Manny of early spring. If so I think we get the W and with Sheets going tomorrow I feel good about a possible, well you know the word. I also hope that Bill Hill decides he once again thinks the baseball's are defective and doesn't want to play with them.

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I live in Arizona so it's not like I'm buying tickets but what is wrong with Brewer fans that we can't sell out the second home game of the year? This is a really good team and we've been waiting all winter to see them play. Get out there and watch them! Theres no reason for anything less than a weekend sell-out.
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I wonder if it has something to do with the early start. I bet we'd draw a bigger crowd if it was the standard 6pm saturday start. oh well, i'll still be there!
"I wish him the best. I hope he finds peace and happiness in his life and is able to enjoy his life. I wish him the best." - Ryan Braun on Kirk Gibson 6/17/14
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There will be complaints about this line up.


I wonder if Rivera is catching because he has more experience with Parra?


2B Rickie Weeks

CF Gabe Gross

1B Prince Fielder

LF Ryan Braun

3B Bill Hall

RF Corey Hart

C Mike Rivera

SS Craig Counsell

LHP Manny Parra

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I think you right Drez. Rivera and Parry have a little history together and you gotta give catchers a little break every now and then.


These blackout rules are killing me today. Since there's a Fox Game of the Wekk...MLB Extra Innings can't show any games until 7 (est). So I guess I'll listen to Ueck and Jim. I do love how DirecTV's Extra Innings package is now showing both team's feeds. Thats been a compliant of mine for years.

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"I wonder if Rivera is catching because he has more experience with Parra?"


Perhaps. But with an off day Monday, rather than start Kendall 4 straight days, then give him 2 off days, rest him today then start him Sunday. Rivera has taken Correia deep too. Rivera figures to get one start a week anyway.


I'm a little scared of Gross in CF.

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Would it make more sense to keep Big Ben on his regular 4 days rest after pitching on Monday and let Parra make his "debut" tomorrow? I just feel everything else in the rotation should be worked around Sheets pitching every 5th day. Thoughts?


I don't really have a problem with the lineup. Gross is only playing because Gwynn is still hurt. Rivera is giving Kendall a day off and has caught Parra several times before. Counsell has been swinging a good bat and JJ has been off to a slow start.


Here's to taking our 2nd straight series to open the season!!!


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Being a big Hardy fan I am actually glad to see him get the day off. He is someone who has gone into prolonged slumps before so it seems smart to give him a break to work out some kinks. And oddly enough Counsell is pretty hot right now in a small sample size. I like Gross, maybe not as a CF, but I like a guy who takes a lot of pitches batting after Weeks. Kendall is hot right now so I am not pumped to see him out of the lineup but I understand it.
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Man, whose bright idea was it to start this game today at Noon?


This is too early for me to be getting going on a weekend. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


And, no, I didn't go yesterday and get all drunk.

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Urg! A 10 AM AZ start time. Sadly I will already be at a bar too, as I have a pool tourney to shoot in. At least I will be able to watch the Brewers B squad on the tube. How we win this one with the pitcher batting 9th is beyond me.




Edit: I forgot the blue!

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