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5/19/07 Twins (Baker) @ Brewers (Bush): 6:05 PM CDT



















































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Beat the Twinkies!

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Time for another David Bush classic 3 hitter against the Twins BS lineup - he occasionally throws some of the best games you'll ever see. I hope he comes up big for us tonight like he is capable of.


The Brewers ARE better than the 4th place Twins this year. Hopefully the team plays like it tonight, because last night sucked.

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After last night's stinker, here is to a nice start from Mr. Bush and our lineup waking up. I really would hate to see Graffanino, Counsell, Pitcher hitting 7,8,9 again. That just looks more like out, out, out to me. Probably will happen though, not sure if Weeks is ready to play or not.


Dear Bill Hall,


You are my favorite player on this team. And a very good player. Please wake up your bat tonight and hit the ball like we all know you can. I know you can do it Billy, because your Bill Hall. You can do anything. Just like Chuck Norris.





Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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Dear Jeff Cirillo,


I miss you. My heart was broken when I pushed you away. I don't know why I did it. I've had some tough rebounds named Craig and Tony and they've just made me realize how empty I am without you.


Life's been good to me. You could say I've been winning a lot lately. In fact, its been better than it has in a long time, but when I recently saw you with your new team, it brought back a rush of memories that I was somehow able to supress... until now. They seem like a good team, but... I don't know. I guess I just wish you were still with me.


Don't ever forget how well you hit it with me.



The Brewers

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Dear baseball gods:


Please don't smite the Brewers in retaliation for brettac's possibly inspiring Scott Baker to a career performance tonight (with his previous letter a few posts up).


And could you rest Jeff Cirillo tonight? The point has been driven home to the Brewer faithful already.


Finally, the Brewers broadcast will be our background noise on our way home from an out of town family function tonight. Please make it less painful than last year's Saturday home game vs. the Twins.


Thank you, on all counts.





Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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dear hawing,


stevo and i thought about stopping by your section to say hi last night, but we were afraid you might have been decidedly more sober than we were.


over and out,



p.s. go brewers

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Dear Brewers,


I hope our relationship hasn't gone sour. You left us to visit the East Coast for a week for what you called a "tough stretch" and came back a changed team. Please go back to what you were before. I miss you and I need you in my life every day.


I realize that you have to go on another "business trip" next week, this time to the West Coast. At the very least, can you please show me your "true self" before leaving, lest I have an image to remind me of you and your beautiful self.


You are the inspiration in my life and I don't want you to change into some team that gets throttled on a regular basis. I liked the "new" you from the moment you won a game on April 2nd.


With love and respect always,



- - - - - - - - -

P.I.T.C.H. LEAGUE CHAMPION 1989, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2006, 2007, 2011 (finally won another one)

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Dear Yost,


Please start Gabe Gross in right field again because it's looking like he's starting to see the ball a lot better. Accordingly, do not let Kevin Mench see the field tonight. Thanks!




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Dear God-


Kindly violate the laws of the universe to benefit my favorite major league baseball team at every opportunity.






P.S. The Cubs were a good one! Have you heard the one about the three guys who walked into a bar?

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Dear Ned,


I know this may be difficult with Rickie out for a while, but please find a way not to have Counsell and Graffanino in the same lineup. Use any and all means necessary. You can even call up Sal Bando, he'd do less damage there than he did as GM.





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Dear Splitter,


I'm sorry but I used up all of my universe-law-violations on the Packers during the mid-90s.


Omniscient love,



P.S. I thought you'd appreciate the Cubs. It was the same reason I created Ashlee Simpson.

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Dear Miller Park,

I understand you were upset that the Brewers left you for so long, but that shouldn't mean that you have to allow the Brewers to lose when they come back. You have to be nice to them. Welcome them with open roofs. The Brewers need you to be a rock for them.


Miller Park...continue to be the Brewers ally and the will take you to the the promised land of the Playoffs, and possibly, even the World Series.


Oh Miller Park...allow a win tonight so we can get back on track.


Yours truely,


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Dear Ned,


Please, oh please, bat Tony Graffanino and Craig Counsell in the 7th and 8th spots respectively. Our pitcher - who's making his first career start - could really use 3 easy outs at the bottom of your lineup.



Minnesota Twins


Seriously, if I see those two chumps back to back again I might throw up.

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